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Apocalypse (Magic: The Gathering: Invasion Cycle, #3) The End Is Near Phyrexian Plagues And Shock Troops Have Taken Their Toll The Final Stage Of The Invasion Has Begun, And The Dark Lord Yawgmoth Himself Plans To Cross Over Into Dominaria To Claim His Prize With Time Running Out, The Battered Heroes Last Hope To Save Their Home Lies In An Ancient, Untested Weapon, A Jumble Of Artifacts Known As The Legacy Bear Witness To The Apocalypse.

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    Full of intense action and plenty of drama, this one will please fans of MTG fluff All of the familiar characters that we ve followed so long are back for this fast paced climax for this LONG series APOCALYPSE is the 12th book in this series, so requires a strong commitment to reach, but it delivers athan adequate conclusion to the sweeping epic of Gerrard, Urza, and Yawgmoth While much of the series was fun and

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    I almost gave this book three stars, but I think that s just because I was so excited to finally finish the series I was so looking forward to reading the Invasion Cycle and finally read about Phyrexia s first invasion of Dominaria, but all the books were just a slog to get through, but I suppose thats what happens when you take a story that could probably fill up one book and stretch it into three That being said, this bo

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    As my first book about Magic the Gathering, I was very pleasant with how the story went Most of the story you knew by reading the text in the cards, but reading everything together was a great experience I have read that many didn t liked it, I don t if the other related books are good or bad, but I had a great time reading it ...

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    The final battle against Yawgmoth in the depths of Phyrexia, the most god damn insane place ever The build up to this was years in the making for me because I was reading these as they were published So I was quite pumped for Apocalypse I was completely done with MTG books after this one, but it was...

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    I ve posted a full review of this book on my blog here

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    Heb de laatste hoofdstukken gretig verslonden dit weekend, alhoewel het toch een licht teleurstellend einde was voor een reeks van ruim 10 boeken.

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    Great read I loved the book.

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