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The Satanic Bible The Satanic BibleWas First Published By Anton LaVey In 1969 It Is A Collection Of Essays, Observations And Rituals, And Outlines LaVey S Satanic Ideology It Contains The Core Principles Of The Church Of Satan And Is Considered The Foundation Of The Philosophy And Dogma That Constitute LaVeyan Satanism.

About the Author: Anton Szandor LaVey

High Priest of the Church of Satan as well as a writer, occultist, musician, and actor He was the author of The Satanic Bible and the founder of LaVeyan Satanism, a synthesized system of his understanding of human nature and the insights of philosophers who advocated materialism and individualism, for which he claimed no supernatural inspiration LaVey viewed Satan not as a literal deity or e

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    I grew up on the same block that Anton LaVey lived on To me as a kid he was, that old guy who only wore black leather, drove a black Jaguar, and lived

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    Before my Christian friends freak out about this one, they should know that Satanism is not the same as Satan Worship , and that the former is actually an athe

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    For my 666th review I couldn t think of a appropriate book than The Satanic Bible I bought this about 25 years ago and just now got around to reading it Thanks

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    De Mystifies All Shock Value So, I read this when I was about fifteen and liked to see the looks on people s faces when they saw me reading it Look at that big inverted pentacle

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    Needlessly blunt, socially irresponsible, poorly written The work of a person who knows nothing about human nature and assumes man s greatest evil is receiving handjobs from a peepshow t

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    All religion is theatre and self deceit, so why not have fun with it Those who take this book literally And LaVey s brand of Satanism miss the point entirely.

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    So my current impression of Satanism is that it is selfish atheism I kind of hope this bible sorry, it just doesn t feel official to me, the bible writer looks too goofy and pretentious will prove me wron

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    I found this in a charity shop many years ago, a little book that fits nicely in your pocket, I didn t steal it cos I wasn t evil then as I hadn t purchased this book, duh Try and keep up I am not a religious pers

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    Lavey was a con artist that did everything with a wink and a smirk The idea of worshipping Satan, even in the symbolic way that Lavey was into, seems completely retarded to me Why replace one Jewish diety with another Jewi

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