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Keeping Her Babys Secret You Can Count On Me You Don T Have To Be Alone Diana Collins Can T Believe She S Hearing These Words From Her Former Secret Crush, Cameron Van Kirk Popular, Gorgeous And From The Richest Family In Town, He Was Always Out Of Her LeagueNow Cameron S Back After Ten Years, And He S Telling Diana Who Is Pregnant And Alone That He Wants To Help HerHis Duty Is To His Family Dynasty Hers Is To Her Baby, Whose Secret She S Keeping What S Diana To Do

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    Le do el 30 10 2012Protagonistas Cameron Van Kirk y Diana CollinsArgumento Puedes contar conmigo No tienes que estar sola Diana Collins no pod a creer que su amor secreto de juventud, Cameron Van Kirk, estuviera dispuesto a ayudarla Era popular, guapo y pertenec a

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    Good book I liked Diana She had built a good life for herself after a pretty bad childhood She now had a successful business and a baby on the way Then, after ten years, Cam came back to town He had come to try to rescue his family from their financial disaster He also

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    It was a good read, I was really impressed with the hero and how he took responsibility for the heroine and her pregnancy When the secret came out, I can t say I was surprised because I wasn t The book was kind of predictable in some ways.

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    Sweet sweet read Such a sweet sweet read 10 years is a long time waiting for your one true love to come back This book helped me lift my spirits

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    Such a sweet sweet read 10 years is a long time to wait for your one true love to co e back But well worth the wait I need a book to lift my spirits, and that it did

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    um romance bem levinho, gostei N o tem grandes dramas nem cenas hots, mas serve bem para passar umas horas distra da.

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    I m pretty sure the author said irrelevantly instead of irreverently Oof.

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