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Invasion (Magic: The Gathering: Invasion Cycle, #1) The Phyrexian Nightmare Begins Dominaria Faces Its Biggest Threat An Invasion By Its Greatest Enemy, An Attack Planned For Eons By Merciless Foes No One Is Exempt From Their Terror No Land Is Safe From Their Onslaught In The Shadow Of The Phyrexian Horde, Dominaria Has But One Hope The Weatherlight And Her Crew The Time Has Come To Defend Hearth And Home From Invasion

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    As the title implies, INVASION finally chronicles the long expected attack on Dominaria from the Phyrexians out of Rath If that sentence doesn t make sense to you, this book probably won t either To get the full story is no simple matter however You should start with the anthology Rath and Storm, then go on to the Artifacts Cycl

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    Truth be told, I would give the book closer to 2.5 stars, maybe even 2.75 but I rounded down because that cover art is downright ugly I almost felt embarrassed reading it in publicThis book starts out in the throws of action and doesn t let up for over half the book, and it is distracting I had to force myself to read the first 160 pages

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    Love every scene with Barrin, battle or not.The fight scenes with Multani are excellent I had mixed feelings about the sections with the weatherlight crew and Eladamri Liked the scenes with Agnate and Thaddeus.This book does a great job establishing the real scope of this world wide invasion A lot of books say its a worldwide invasion and there are

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    I m a gigantic fan of the whole arc as it feels like a pivotal point in the development of the universe The entire series, at least for a long time before and after, revolves around the events of this book, and two others in the same arc If you like fantasy that isn t your typical dungeons and dragons style concepts, then you ll enjoy this.

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    A very interesting book, for being a tie in You don t have to be a fan of M tG to love it These yellowed pulpy pages tell an epic thrill ride is girded with a tight plot and stocked with with surprisingly deep characters This series introduces one of my favorite antagonistic races of all, the Phyrexians.

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    i thought this book was going to be really bad because it is a Magic book and even though i am a fan of the game i didn t expect much Yet this book was awesome, tons of great battles, you get the feel of the war happening and the characters are fun and engaging.worth a read

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    I ve posted a full review of this book on my blog here

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    Awesome to see Urza s plans be brought to fruition after thousands and thousands of years of his meddling Great, action packed book that transitions easy to the next book.

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    Beter dan Prophecy, maar uiteindelijk veel van hetzelfde oorlog.

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