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Real Life Real Life Real Spice Goes Back To The Very Beginning Of The Story To Paint A Picture Of Five Very Individual Young Women Together With Their Brothers And Sisters, They Talk About Their Early Lives, How They Got Together And Worked At Their Career, And Of How It Felt When Superstardom Arrived.

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    This book has stories of the Spice Girls beginnings, what it was like when they became rich and famous, how it was filming their music videos, Spice World the movie and much .It s a really nice book with lots of great pictures and insight into the lives of the girls at the time I

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    It was a great book

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    Concluding the trilogy that began with Old Spice , and then Simply Salt , this new essay on the social contract is both a founding text of western thought and a masterpiece of hot pants and imagination.

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    This book was super cute as all things Spice Girls should be I totally love how it feels like a scrapbook of the memories of the girls but I was slightly annoyed while reading it because some of the type is so small Maybe my eyesight is getting worse, but I feel like the text is definitely smaller than normal

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    This book is my all time favorite Spice Girls bookand that s saying something because I ve read many I loved learning about the girls when they first started out They were such hard workers The book was text heavy and contained so much information about the girls I love how the girls wrote ab...

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    Real Spice goes which goes all the way back to their very beginning, a colorful story painted like an intricate picture of five very unique young women, Who, together with their sisters and brotherstalk ...

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    so it seems that writing is not beyond our teenage heroines skillsthe girls tells all about their early lives and rising to fameits a book about pursuing dreams and proving yourself to the worldpictures are amazing as well

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