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Nam Numerous People Who Experienced The Vietnam War Firsthand Share Their Stories In This Oral History Men And Women, Officers And Draftees, Prowar And Antiwar Veterans, All Give Personal Accounts Of The Bloodshed They Witnessed, And The Horrifying Circumstances They Survived Grunts Recount Losing Their Friends In Combat Doctors Remember The Patients Whose Lives They Desperately Tried To Save Soldiers Try To Understand How They Could Become Willing Participants In The Slaughter Of Innocent Civilians And Veterans, Back In The US, Discuss Dealing With Nightmares And A Life Far Away From The Constant Presence Of War.

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    A powerful and compulsively readable oral history of NAM three letters which take on totemic significance , compiled by Baker from interviews he conducted with veterans In plain spoken language, with remarkable honesty and candor, they tell their stories profound, moving, strange, funny, an

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    Personal Response I enjoyed reading this book The thing is, I don t know exactly why Like most books about the war, I claim to like them because my Grandpa was in Vietnam For this book, I think I liked it because I can now almost feel what the guys over there felt Being told by actual vetera

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    I found out I was supposed to read this book in September of 2015 so, being me, I just finished it last night.Well, around January I realized I needed to buckle down and get my shit together.Later that month, my great uncle Milt died.He fought with the Marines in Vietnam in 1969, and I can vi

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    If even half of what s related in this book really happened then Nazi war criminals were fingerpainting compared to our boys in Nam Personally, I don t buy a lot of the stories in here One soldier s ordered to keep kicking in a dead soldier s head until his brains creep out his ear A Vietnames

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    I really like the way this book told it s story No political correctness or debate about whether the war was right or wrong People who were there tell their stories plain and simple Hands down the best Vietnam war book I have read.

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    Possibly one of the best war logs I ve ever read By turns horrifying, moving, disturbing, beautiful and utterly insane.

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    In this collection of war stories, not truths, the theme of survival, or lack thereof, is striking One individual recounts that war is not killing Killing is the easiest part of the whole thing Sweating twenty four hours a day, seeing guys drop all around you of heatstroke, not having food, not h

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    As the title implies, this book is an oral history It covers all phases of the Vietnam War experience, including induction, basic training, entering the country, combat and its aftermath, and returning home It is told primarily ...

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    I was cleaning out my office when I came across a high school paper I wrote on this book Looks like I enjoyed it.

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    This book IS A LITERARY FRAUD Just like Clifford Irving s book about Howard Hughes See STOLEN VALOR pp 388 389 In Stolen Valor B.G Burkett points out 1 In the introduction Baker wrote It must be assumed that included here are and very likely outright lies 2 Baker doesn t name his sources so it s imp

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