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Digital Architecture Now: A Global Survey of Emerging Talent The Latest Wave In Digital Architecture, Featuring Over Firms And Projects From Around The World The Practice Of Architecture Has Changed Radically In The Last Fifteen Years Than Perhaps At Any Time In Its Entire History The Commercial Availability Of Complex Software And Its Reliant Hardware Technologies Have Resulted In A Fast, Accurate, And Globally Transferable Design Culture While The First Generation Of Digital Architects Was Often Preoccupied By Pure Formal Experimentation, The New Practitioners Most Of Whom Have Only Known Digital Tools, Fabrication Methods, And Communication Address A Diverse Agenda From The Environment To Social Responsibility, They Have An Acute Awareness Of The Built World That Informs And Animates Their Architecture Many Of The New Techniques Pioneered By Digital Architects Than A Decade Ago Are Now Finding Their Way Into Mainstream Architecture, Creating A Greater Public Appreciation Of, And Appetite For, What Was Once Perceived As Radical Architecture Illustrations, In Color

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