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Things in Jars In The Dark Underbelly Of Victorian London, A Formidable Female Sleuth Is Pulled Into The Macabre World Of Fanatical Anatomists And Crooked Surgeons While Investigating The Kidnapping Of An Extraordinary Child In This Gothic Mystery Perfect For Fans Of The Essex Serpent And The Book Of SpeculationBridie Devine Female Detective Extraordinaire Is Confronted With The Most Baffling Puzzle Yet The Kidnapping Of Christabel Berwick, Secret Daughter Of Sir Edmund Athelstan Berwick, And A Peculiar Child Whose Reputed Supernatural Powers Have Captured The Unwanted Attention Of Collectors Trading Curiosities In This Age Of Discovery Winding Her Way Through The Labyrinthine, Sooty Streets Of Victorian London, Bridie Won T Rest Until She Finds The Young Girl, Even If It Means Unearthing A Past That She D Rather Keep Buried Luckily, Her Search Is Aided By An Enchanting Cast Of Characters, Including A Seven Foot Tall Housemaid A Melancholic, Tattoo Covered Ghost And An Avuncular Apothecary But Secrets Abound In This Foggy Underworld Where Spectacle Is King And Nothing Is Quite What It Seems Blending Darkness And Light, History And Folklore, Things In Jars Is A Spellbinding Gothic Mystery That Collapses The Boundary Between Fact And Fairy Tale To Stunning Effect And Explores What It Means To Be Human In Inhumane Times Recipe Throw in a very unusual detective named Bridie, her housekeeper Cora whom Bridie helped rescue from a freak show, and a ghost, an ex boxer who has a tattooed body, with tattoos that move, wearing only a top hat and baggy underdrawers Add a missing child from a notable personage, the folk story of the merrow, one or two evil men, a unusual but helpful apothecary and freak shows and oddities galore What one now has is a truly imaginative, inventive and entertaining look at a time when strange ruled the day.Don t know how Kidd comes up with the story ideas she has, but I ve enjoyed all three of her very different books This is a dark London, a hidden London where many things go unnoticed and unreported Bridie has her hands full and a very interesting back story The ghost insists she knows him from the past, but she doesn t remember,though by books end that will change The mood, the atmosphere, the gothic storytelling aided in my quest to know how s the author would bring this all together She does, in a thriller sty e with an emotional edge.One can t help wondering where this author will take us next, or if this might be the start of a series featuring Bridie Time will tell. Five stars and a statue goes to best portrayed Victorian London book This is incredible combination of humor, kitsch, folklore with the writer s talented and never ending imagination We meet one of the most interesting heroines, Bride Devine , a woman detective, wearing a dagger strapped to her thigh, smoking pipe, solving murders by reading corpses and talking with ghosts It seems like one of the heroes , also the part of love triangle is Ruby Doyle, champion boxer who is also dead Mostly it was frivolous book is written with great sense of humor and creativity But we have to admit that it is also evil one with gory murder scenes , shocking, cruel, disturbing.I enjoyed the poetic descriptions of Victorian London, immaculate writing and rich, layered, perfectly developed characterization So happy to find a gifted writer Cannot wait to read books Jess Kidd shifts direction in her 3rd novel setting it in Victorian times with its inherent brutality and inhumanity, teeming with villains, murderers, the arrogance of killing medics, and ruthless amoral gentlemen anatomy collectors, hungry for what should not be alive There are Things in Jars, with their ability to disturb the natural order of things, life and death, ashes to ashes, time in supension, pickling yesterday, holding eternity in a jar Into this latest historical novel, Kidd brings her trademark elements, Irish folklore, superstitions, ghosts, the eccentric, her stellar female characters, with her standout lyrical prose that enchants and enthralls It is 1863 and London is marked by crime, disease, grime, violence, stink and penury Addicted to smoking experimental concoctions by Prudhoe in her pipe, the red haired Bridie Devine is haunted by her inability to prevent the death of a child in her last case With her now battered reputation, it is a surprise when Sir Edmund Berwick hires her to find his kidnapped 6 year old daughter, Christobel Only Christobel is no ordinary child, with extraordinary abilities, playing with memories, eyes that see too much, and pike s teeth that can wreak serious damage This time Bridie is determined not to fail a child, aided by her magnificently gigantic maid, Cora, endowed with her thick and glossy facial hair, and the ghost of the love lorn illustrated Ruby, a prizefighter, claiming to know Bridie, although she is doubtful of this fact In a narrative that goes back and forth in time to reveal Bridie s childhood of coming over from Ireland, collecting corpses with Gan, and her time as laboratory assistant to Dr John Eames at Albery Hall, wearing the clothes of the dead Lydia, links poke their heads from Bridie s past to trouble her in her present investigations There are colourful characters galore, such as the predatory and sly Mrs Bibby, born for bad business, with the tooth and claws and the backbone for it, and the viciously dangerous and manipulative Gideon In a story that takes in walled in women and children and the Winter Mermaid , there are gruesome murders, double dealing and avarice, and Bridie s life is endangered as a deadly foe comes back from the dead In the meantime, Londoners cower with fear and horror as lost rivers are resurgent, battered by never ending biblical rains as the city floods.Once again, Jess Kidd beguiles and charms with her gifts as a storyteller, her shift to the Victorian era is a sublime decision, as the era positively drips with gothic elements that serve a veritable feast for Kidd s imagination This includes the ravens, experimental potions, the penchant for curiosities, a medical profession that is unhindered by anything remotely ethical, and the corrupt scientific anatomy collectors desperate to acquire living anomalies by any means necessary and preserve them in their jars However, it is in the mix of the fantastical, Irish folklore such as the merrow, with the everyday, and Kidd s remarkable talents in characterisation that make her novels a joy to read, and ensures that her readership will continue to grow This is compulsive and magical reading fare, such infernally dark matter, but shot through with light by Bridie, Cora, Ruby and Inspector Valentine Rose I cannot describe how keen I am to get my hands on the next book Kidd writes So, what is left to say Just the small matter of this book coming highly recommended Many thanks to Canongate for an ARC. Here is time held in suspension Yesterday pickled Eternity in a jar In Things in Jars, A 7 foot tall bearded parlor maid, mythical sea monsters, a ghost, and a winter mermaid are all brought together by a female pipe smoking detective in Victorian London to solve the kidnapping of a mysterious childWhen a child with supposed supernatural powers is kidnapped, Detective Bridie Devine is commissioned to find her Bridie s sleuthing abilities lead her into the dark underbelly of nineteenth century London where she encounters a criminal element obsessed with possessing the world s oddities Dead or alive, there is a price on the head of those who are different and don t fit societal norms.Part mystery, part social commentary, part fairy tale, Things in Jars had me completely enthralled Jess Kidd encompasses all of the strange eccentricities of the Victorians In Bridie, Ruby, a dead boxer, and Cora, a 7 foot tall parlor maid, she creates fascinating and multi dimensional characters I hope to see them again in a future novel Kidd seamlessly weaves together a story filled with magic, strong women, and those who long to possess those who are different I LOVED loved loved every minute of this book It is strange, eccentric, and wonderfully weird This is definitely one of the best books I have read in 2019 I received an ARC of this book from NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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