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Alle sieben Wellen Espa ol English Te devuelvo el beso No, mejor no Te doy otro El tuyo me lo quedo No todos los d as le dan a una besos como los tuyos Emmi sigue casada y Leo tiene una relaci n, pero ninguno puede negar que la atracci n mutua a n existe Me parece una novedad la forma de comunicaci n en los libros Aunque no solo en libros, en la realidad lo que estamos viviendo actualmente es que la gente piensa que es m s f cil conversar de esta manera Esta escrito para un p blico adulto, no solo por los temas tratados, sino por el vocabulario menos simple, menos llano que utiliza Emmi is still married and Leo has a relationship, but neither can deny that mutual attraction still exists.The form of communication in books seems to me a novelty Although not only in books, in reality what we are currently experiencing is that people think it is easier to talk in this way.It is written for an adult audience, not only for the topics covered, but for the less simple, less flat vocabulary that it uses. Every Seventh Wave is a sequel to the book Love Virtually I loved Love Virtually It was fun, quirky, bittersweetall those wonderful ingredients that make a rom com pop It had a great ending Sort of open ended that left a lot up to the reader s imagination and really left me wanting However beware what you wish for as sometimes is not what a book needs This sequel was so disappointing It felt so uninspired Plot lines and devices used in the first book that once felt so fresh now felt tired The story lacked the originality of the first because it attempted to repeat or at least model itself in its image the characters never grew or didn t seem to learn anything from the exchanges they shared in book one Where character flaws were cute and quirky in Love Virtually, here they quickly grew tiresome and irritating The whole plot line felt as if the main characters were stuck running inside one of those constantly moving hamster wheels Where Love Virtually was a quick and snappy read, this one just dragged and took me daaaaaaaaaaays to force myself to finish Sadly, for me, this book was a letdown and I wish I had let the story of Emmi and Leo end with Love Virtually one star This is the second installment ofGut gegen Nordwind , in my opinion objectionably translatedLove Virtuallyin English It s a real pity because I believe a great deal of the book s personality is transmitted in the title, which is beautiful in its original language.I read both novels several years ago almost in one sitting and forgot about them till this summer, when I stumbled upon them by chance One book can t be read without the other, and they need to be read in order As I started to browse the pages and read a sentence here and there, I realized I kept on reading till the end of each page, and onto the next, and the next, and a whole chapter was finished, and I didn t want to stop.So considered forewarned These are extremely addictive novels, and once you start, you might have the urge to finish both books at once, eager to lose a few hours of sleep to see how it all ends.Emmi and Leo are two middle aged strangers who meet accidentally online and fall in love in spite of their personal circumstances One is happily married with children, the other is getting over a recent break up Protected by the anonymity of the screen, humorous flirtation gradually gives way to plain honesty and as the pace of the emails becomes and frenetic, the real lives of Emmi and Leo have to confront the implications of their virtual correspondence.I know The plot sounds as clich d as it might get, used to death, possibly superficial and with small potential for good storytelling Well, it isn t.Glattauer takes great pain to create a modern epistolary novel that vibrates with the fast, intelligent and tasteful dialogue between two people who have no idea where they are getting into The exchanges are as sparkling as profound, and the written letters end up becoming voices that faithfully reveal the temperament of each character.Email correspondence might seem a bit outdated today when we have access to internet from our smartphones at all hours, but the characters effervescent personalities, their elegant humor, the situation they find themselves in and their reactions to the evolving events are so well portrayed, so carefully developed that it s easy to think of Emmi and Leo as real people The reader can t help caring for them, wanting them to take the leap, to trust their instincts and forget about what they believe is morally right.Glattauer has a refined sense of what it is to fall in love The doubts, the fear, the anxiety that comes with it It s like a sickness, a feverish state that clouds vision and often leads to foolish decisions The success of these novels lays in the way Emmi and Leo live through this affliction their circumstances and expectations are vastly dissimilar and so they need to be brave enough to admit their involvement with each other without compromising their realities Or they need to be prepared to toss their realities to create a new one together Easy said, not so easy done, right The outcome of the affair couldn t be realistic Heart warming and unpredictable too, like the seventh wave There is this saying that the balanced sway of the first six waves lapping gently on the shore is sometimes broken by the unexpected force of the seventh Its rebellious nature sweeps you away, leaving only the feeling of being dragged by it, hurt and a bit bruised maybe, but also energized to stand the monotony of the following six waves until the seventh comes back again to change everything, maybe for good. . . . Mi hogar est donde est s t , Emmi . Have You Ever Just Clicked With Someone The Sequel To The International Bestseller Love Virtually About A Relationship Conducted By Email Love Virtually Ends As Leo Leaves Austria For America He And Emmi Have Still Not Met, But The Intensity Of Their E Mail Correspondence Has Been Threatening Emmi S Marriage Leo Returns From Boston And Gradually Resumes His E Mail Contact With Emmi But He Has Plans To Settle Down With Pamela, The Woman He Met In America In An Attempt To Draw A Line Under Their Relationship, Emmi And Leo At Last Agree To Meet In Person Translated From The German By Jamie Bulloch And Katharina Bielenberg

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