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The Last Widow (Will Trent, #9) Clear your calendar for this bookbecause you will not want to put it down This story is told from a few points of view as events and tragedy unfold The author has you rooting for Will Trent and the people he loves and condemning his enemies This book has violence, hate WILL TRENT IS BACK deep breath PDF Epub The Last Widow Will Trent, 9 Author Karin Slaughter Ls17.eu New York Times Bestselling Author Karin Slaughter Brings Back Will Trent And Sara Linton In This Superb And Timely Thriller Full Of Devious Twists, Disturbing Secrets, And Shocking Surprises You Won T See ComingA Mysterious KidnappingOn A Hot Summer Night, A Scientist From The Centers For Disease Control Is Grabbed By Unknown Assailants In A Shopping Center Parking Lot Vanished Into Thin Air, The Authorities Are Desperate To Save The Doctor A Devastating ExplosionOne Month Later, The Serenity Of A Sunny Sunday Afternoon Is Shattered By The Boom Of A Ground Shaking Blast Followed By Another Seconds Later One Of Atlanta S Busiest And Most Important Neighborhood S Has Been Bombed The Location Of Emory University, Two Major Hospitals, The FBI Headquarters, And The CDC.A Diabolical EnemyMedical Examiner Sara Linton And Her Partner Will Trent, An Investigator With The Georgia Bureau Of Investigation, Rush To The Scene And Into The Heart Of A Deadly Conspiracy That Threatens To Destroy Thousands Of Innocent Lives When The Assailants Abduct Sara, Will Goes Undercover To Save Her And Prevent A Massacre Putting His Own Life On The Line For The Woman And The Country He Loves. This is the kind of book that will increase your heart beat and if the world was ending, you might notice it, but you will keep reading because you will want to know how the book ends Having said that, this book might not appeal to faint hearted as it gets dark and gory in places.The Last Widow is 9 in Will Trent series but my first one and it felt absolutely fine to read it as a standalone The Last Widow is action packed and it made me feel as if I was seeing the scenes rather than just reading them I won t go into the plot details but will just say that the plot is clever and gripping, the characters are well developed on both fronts good guys are likeable and the bad guys are so twiste This is the 9th book in the Will Trent series by author Karin Slaughter but could easily be read as a stand alone.Michelle Spivey a scientist from the Centre for Disease Control is kidnapped by unknown assailants and authorities are desperate to find her One month later, a bomb goes off in the Atlanta neighbourhood that houses Emory University, two hospitals, the FBI headquarters, and the CDC Will Trent, an investigator with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation and his girlfriend Sara, a medical examiner rush to the scene Only to run straight into a dangerous conspiracy Stakes are raised when Sara is The Last Widow by Karin Slaughter is the ninth book in the Will Trent series.A woman is abducted from a shopping centre car park A month later she is forced to take part in a terrorist attack Will Trent s girlfriend a doctor is also taken by the terrorist It s a race against time to stop these men and get the women back alive.I did not enjoy this book as much as the author s earlier books in this series and I have been a huge fan of Karin Slaughter for well over ten years now and she was one of the very first big name authors that got me into the latest crime genre, due to her addictive and compelling stories The Last Widow is number nine in the Georgia Bureau Investigator Will Trent series and it is possible to read this as a standalone, though to fully understand Will and his unique personality it wouldn t hurt to read some of the previous books, as much for enjoyment as anything else I have been following the Will Trent series since the Grant County books and have to admit that I do still miss Jeffrey Tolliver, though Will Trent is a very welcome addition and hugely likeable How Karin has introduced Will into Sara Linton s life has been seamless and he s yet another well developed character that this author is renowned for in her books.The book opens with the same scenes replayed in full from several characters view points which did slow the progression of the story down in my opinion and I m not sure if it actually worked The premise of the story is a white supremacist terror plot involving biological warfare and was an action packed, adrenaline fuelled and gripping thriller Not typical Karin Slaughter but a very well written, plotted, executed and researche Review to follow. I ll begin by offering a bit of advice Don t open this with the idea of just getting a few chapters under your belt Prepare Find a quiet spot, break out the emergency reading kit snacks, beverages, blankie, heart rate monitor, etc get comfortable Because this author doesn t so much gently lead you into the story as throw you off a speeding train In the ebook version we have our first kidnapping at 2% Then she gives you a bit of a break, holding off til 8% for the second one At this point you might start digging around for a seatbelt Dr Michelle Spivey was enjoying an outing with her daughter When a van suddenly pulls up beside them, her first thought is for her little girl She needn t have worried It s Michelle they want One month later, Georgia Bureau of Investigation agent Will Trent his girlfriend Dr Sara Linton are spending time with her family when they hear 2 explosions It s coming from the Emory Campus as they attempt to get to the scene, they re waylaid by a road accident In the blink of an eye Will is badly beaten Sara i Before you start this the latest book in the Will Trent series, make sure you have enough time to finish it You will not want to put it down Karin Slaughter is a master or should that be mistress , when it comes to storytelling She somehow moves the story on at such a pace, but at the same time builds up the tension I don t think there were any extraneous words in this Every one of them was needed.Her books can sometimes be criticised for including too much violence and not particularly, politically correct Personally I feel that is quite refreshing in the current climate when a small minority complain about any deviation from what is considered the social norm This story certainly deviates from the social norm It is based around a white supremacist group that will stop at nothing to eradicate non whites, including, child murders, paedophilia, rape and biological warfare, but as distressing as these topics are, they didn t feel out of place in this compulsive and engaging story Sara and Will feel like friends this far into the series, yet their characters continue to develop and evolve, along with the usual other characters from the series A very emotive ending Cannot wait for the next in the series.Overall th

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