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The Garden Serenity Is Willing To Do Anything To Find Her Sister, The Twin Force Has Raised In The Temple Since Birth But When Sky Refuses To Help, Serenity Has No Choice But To Go To Luc Whose Plan Is To Use Serenity As Bait Together, They Embark To Force S Island Vacation Spot The Garden, An Exotic Museum That Displays Girls As Flowers When Their Plan Takes A Turn For The Worse, Jade, The Garden Director, Captures Luc And Serenity With Both Their Lives In The Balance, Serenity Has No Choice But To Bow To Jade, Who May Be Even Ruthless And Determined Than Luc Serenity Will Become The Skeleton Flower The Jewel By Amy Ewing Meets Tricks By Ellen Hopkins In This Gritty Young Adult Dystopian That Tells Of A Fear Inducing Future Where The World Of Sex Trafficking Has Become A Social Norm And Where Woman Aren T Treated As Humans Or Any Safer Than They Were In The Handmaid S Tale By Margaret Atwood

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    The story continues right where it left off Serenity cannot rest until she finds her sister and rescues her parents Sky is dead set on going to the sanctuary so Serenity goes to the only person she can, Luc But her impatience causes their actions to be dangerous and not well thought out The only Ace up her sleeve is tha

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    This was a lot like the Aviary, but with flowers instead of birds and a woman in charge But wait, that s not like the Aviary at all you say Lies Serenity is still the most special girl in the whole wide world The escape was a little too easy, though I understand the logic and the ending..well, should have seen that coming All

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    Finding yourselfI love how Emily has evolved the story from love to self discovery She conquers the hard question of what if I don t like who I am, maybe the mask is better She continues to keep us in love with Serinity, Luc and Sky while forcing you to take a look at how close our own society is to the one she created.

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here That was Totally weird What might have worked in the first part became just too creepy Also this oh so weird fixation with virginity second brothel, the heroine is still untouched despite other girls being sold from much earlier age On the other hand, not sur

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    Bit too similar to the first one but this time with a woman in charge.

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    WowI am so amazed Each book gets better than the one before I love Serenity I m hoping she ends up with Sky So many twists and turns.

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    Devoured Book2I m very glad I found this series after the third book was released now I don t have to wait Excellent, vivid imagery on every page

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    Beautiful cover and beautifully written This is the second book in the series and it is as good as the first Serenity loves her sister and has to find a way to get her out of the Temple and away from her Father But, the garden is the only way she can think of to get closer to Bliss Her she encounters many flowers and the strong and ruthless Jade Can she find a

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