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Mafia King (Royal Mafia, #3) 5 STARS An amazing and amazing book, i finished this book two days ago and it s still on my mind This is the best book in the series, i didn t like Karina and Lorik book, and i dnf the first 50 pages Dante and Layla s story was very good but Antonio and Alessia story blows my mind I connect with them from the first page and my heart literally broke for Alessia and her painful past I don t want to believe that what she been through can actually happen in real Books, books, and books My life has been surrounded by books these past couple of years and the I read The I want Insane right What s even insane is that I used to hate reading If found out a few genres and like everyone, there are the ones that I love and some that I don t like But there are two genres that I can t wait to devour MC and Mafia And oh boy This author knows what she s doing Bella J has introduced me to this mafia series a couple of months ago and I was a goner from the first page Not only the plots are amazing but the covers she chooses are stunning and hot Her writing is raw, dark, dangerous and hot at the same time Mafia King is her latest release and it s the third book from the Royal Mafia Series and you really should read all books in order This new book explores the lifes of Antonio and Alessia Antonio is the king, an evil and twisted king that takes no prisoners, despite fighting the darkness sometimes it s impossible to achieve Used to rule and seek what he wants in order to protect his family it s his g FREE on today 1 11 2019 Blurb Born and bred to rule, I embraced my place in our family with pride I was the leader The boss The king Fueled by my family s need for revenge, I was on a bloody path toward vengeance That s when I found her a filthy, weak, broken girl The mystery that surrounded her seduced me Her secrets pulled me down to the deepest pits of hell, the demons of her past thr Antonio Valenti was born and bred to lead the Mafia family He exudes control over his business dealings and that of his family but he has his own dark demons to contend with He has managed to control his past depraved darkness until an unexpected shipment arrives with a battered and naked female This beautiful broken woman calls to his inner sadistic beast and he is not sure he can control his tormented urges, all while trying to protect his family and this damaged woman Nessuno youth was stolen from her and she has lived in her own personal hell at the hands of those who are sinister She recognises the monster and darkness in Antonio and yet there is something about him Should she fear him worse than those before him Can she survive this new monster Will her past come back to collect and haunt her as he promised And how did she arrive at the hands of Antonio Valenti, the King of the Valenti family Ms Bella J has created a story full of plot twists, suspense and so much I am blown away by this talented author This story is definitely dark with some scenes that are uncomfortable to read, but necessary to understand the story The character development is brilliant and you will have so much empathy for Nusseun Doe Antonio is a man that takes what he wants and controls like a King, even when he has I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review WTF This book it drained me I felt so sorry for Alessia The struggles Antonio goes trough, fighting his true self This book was dark but deeply intriguing I CANNOT wait to see how it ends and what happens to Maste Well, Ms Bella J definitely wrote a powerful story in Mafia King that rocked cover to cover and jacked me up completely before dropping me off a cliff Now I m dying inside because I barely have any answers to how it s going to pan out after a HUGE twist came out of nowhere so I m barely holding it together Needless to say, she s near the top of my list of authors trying to KILL ME DEAD, and hash tagged EVILWHOREQUEEN can t use the whole w word on or they won t publish the review so you ll have to use your imagination there Anyway, Antonio is the head of his powerful family, and finds himself with a broken girl out of the blue They know that she s been sold into slavery, but doesn t know who has had her, because she can barely talk from fear They have to figure it out soon, as it s dangerous, and they re getting notes threatening them, not to mention, she s stirring things up OMG this book did not end like that did it I can t evenwhat in the actual whaaaat.my mind is going about thousand miles per hour right about now This book was so terrible that it was AMAZING My God I don t even want to know how Bella J got the info to write this book It was heartbreaking and ugly and y Read for EA Book BlogDark, edgy, gritty, and raw, this book will having you grabbing a bottle of wine It was captivating and OMG the ending It is a definite must read. Mafia King is a gritty twisty tale, much darker than the two previous books in the series I liked this story and found myself captivated by Antonio and Doe s relationship which comes from a place where most wouldn t find one Bella J kept me bound to the page with her wonderful storytelling and well written plot and I am curious to see where the future will lead for these two.Antonio An immoral sinner A depraved mortal A cruel monsterGod, she was perfect Everything about he Born And Bred To Rule, I Embraced My Place In Our Family With Pride.I Was The Leader The Boss The King.Fueled By My Family S Need For Revenge, I Was On A Bloody Path Toward Vengeance That S When I Found Her A Filthy, Weak, Broken Girl.The Mystery That Surrounded Her Seduced Me Her Secrets Pulled Me Down To The Deepest Pits Of Hell, The Demons Of Her Past Threatening To Burn The Empire I Swore To Protect.Now The Devil Himself Is Knocking At My Door, Wanting His Beautiful, Broken Girl Back.But She S Mine Now I Claimed Her And Anyone Who Dares To Take Her Away From Me Will Be Completely, Utterly, Royally Fucked.

About the Author: Bella J.

All the way from Cape Town, South Africa, Bella J lives for the days when she s able to retreat to her writer s cave where she can get lost in her little pretend world of romance, love, and insanely hot bad boys.Bella J is a Hybrid Author with both Self Published and Traditional Published work Even though her novels range from drama, to comedy, to suspense, it s the dark, twisted side of romance

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