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Middle England Set In The Midlands And London Over The Last Eight Years, Jonathan Coe Follows A Brilliantly Vivid Cast Of Characters Through A Time Of Immense Change And Disruption In Britain There Are The Early Married Years Of Sophie And Ian Who Disagree About The Future Of Britain And, Possibly, The Future Of Their Relationship Sophie S Grandfather Whose Final Act Is To Send A Postal Vote For The European Referendum Doug, The Political Commentator, Whose Young Daughter Despairs Of His Lack Of Political Nous And Doug S Remaining Tory Politician Partner Who Is Savaged By The Crazed Trolls Of Twitter And Within All These Lives Is The Story Of England Itself A Story Of Nostalgia And Irony Of Friendship And Rage, Humour And Intense Bewilderment.As Acutely Alert To The Absurdity Of The Political Classes As He Is Compassionate About Those Who Have Been Left Behind, This Is A Novel Jonathan Coe Was Born To Write.

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    Jonathan Coe continues on themes that have been his natural areas of interest, this time he acutely observes the painfully divisive and depressing state of the nation since 2010 and Brexit through previous characters he once again resurrects along with t

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    Middle England revisits characters from Coe s earlier novels The Rotters Club and The Closed Circle I suppose the three books could be said to form a loose trilogy and follows them from 2010 to the present day Their experiences are juxtaposed with a wealt

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    Set between the general election of 2010 that ushered in the coalition government and September 2018, this is a state of the nation novel that tells the story of our times Anyone who voted Leave may want to approach this with caution and have the blood pres

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    Brexit .

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    Middle England un romanzo che si nutre di attualit e che misura la temperatura elevata che in questo momento si percepisce in Gran Bretagna.Coe fa, prima, una cavalcata di qualche decennio attraverso alcuni eventi sociali e politici, nevralgici per il

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    There are only a few books which I ve read than once Pride and Prejudice is one of them Brave New World another And in this rare group you ll also find Jonathan Coe s What a Carve Up Sadly, his latest book, Middle England, will not be joining my fiction hall

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    Jonathan Coe has been one of our foremost British exponents of the state of the nation genre, with a series of novels following a group of friends throughout their formative years, starting from their schooldays in 2001 with The Rotters Club His current novel c

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    A questo libro avrei dato anche 50 stelle Per tantissimi motivi, forse non tutti condivisibili, ma assolutamente miei Per iniziare direi che Coe sempre una garanzia di un determinato tipo di libri e per estimatori dell Inghilterra a prescindere Quando iniziai a

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    Di Coe avevo letto solo La famiglia Winshaw che mi era piaciuto molto Speravo con questo suo ultimo libro di capire qualcosa sulla Brexit Sapevo che aveva ripreso i protagonisti di altri suoi romanzi La banda dei brocchi Circolo chiuso che non con

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