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Waking the Tiger Nature S Lessons In Healing Trauma Waking The Tiger Offers A New And Hopeful Vision Of Trauma It Views The Human Animal As A Unique Being, Endowed With An Instinctual Capacity It Asks And Answers An Intriguing Question Why Are Animals In The Wild, Though Threatened Routinely, Rarely Traumatized By Understanding The Dynamics That Make Wild Animals Virtually Immune To Traumatic Symptoms, The Mystery Of Human Trauma Is Revealed Waking The Tiger Normalizes The Symptoms Of Trauma And The Steps Needed To Heal Them People Are Often Traumatized By Seemingly Ordinary Experiences The Reader Is Taken On A Guided Tour Of The Subtle, Yet Powerful Impulses That Govern Our Responses To Overwhelming Life Events To Do This, It Employs A Series Of Exercises That Help Us Focus On Bodily Sensations Through Heightened Awareness Of These Sensations Trauma Can Be Healed.

About the Author: Peter A. Levine

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Waking the Tiger book, this is one of the most wanted Peter A. Levine author readers around the world.

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    Totally idiotic, condescending, and insulting Levine s central premises that the body plays an important role in trauma, and that common events such as medical procedures and accidents can have psychological effects similar to those of severe trauma are both true and important, but he reaches them by denying the lived experiences of trauma survivors at every turn I finished this book

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    Okay, consider my mind blown And that s not easy to do.It s especially difficult when starting off with such an unfortunate title which evokes nothing quite so much as the beleaguered Ralph Macchio s dojo Add to this the author s trademark of his treatment method meaning every time he mentions the name it comes up in the text with a registration symbol Cue jazz hands and a laser spot Top it of

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    I love the hero tale A quick glance of my other reviews will confirm as much But I also believe those wonderful tales perform a valuable purpose They can provide guidance for difficult transitions through the use of symbols and metaphor In this instance, I picked up Levine s work because it had Medusa.Peter Levine makes an explicit connection between trauma, and in this case, the tale of the hero Perse

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    Waking the Tiger advances Peter Levine s hopeful theory that trauma has been badly misunderstood and mistreated in Western Culture He uses numerous examples from the animal kingdom along with case studies of his own patients to argue that people can make a complete and healthy recovery from trauma by somatically renegotiating their traumatic experience He emphasizes that somatic experiencing is not re enactment

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    I have rather mixed feelings about this book Being an asshole, I ll start with the negative ones.On the downside, this book is not well written Sometimes the tone is downright condescending Then there s the issue of credibility The author bases his views on his practice as therapist He really does that to the max there are almost no references to psychological science No footnotes or endnotes Typically, when another boo

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    I think just about anyone could benefit from reading the first four chapters of this book This offers a refreshing, biological based look at trauma and its after effects, while dispelling many of the myths that surround trauma and PTSD in Western psychology today This is a book that actually could change certain peoples lives for the better.I like that the author writes in simple, layman s language He tells you what methods of t

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    If you or anyone you care about has suffered a severe shock or been under enormous stress, there are many ways their traumas will come out if not dealt with adequately This book helped me tremendously after my husband passed away suddenly I didn t und...

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    This is an outstanding piece of work It was published in 1997 and I added it to my reading list in 2011 and it has sat on my shelf for over two years Just the luck of the draw I suppose, but in reading it my one disappointment is that I didn t do so years ago I have struggled my way through the effects of a severely abusive childhood and combat related ptsd derived from service in two wars, and no doubt I have made great progress at relieving som

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    1 2 way through I am left wondering what exactly this energy is that Levine writes about If it is indeed some sort of energy, then can we find a scanner to find it Or is it instead not an increase in any type of energy per se like there is nowater in a pipe system but that the body isn t regulating the energy any better the valves are out of sync The first is that if it is indeed an increase in some form of energy then we can look for it and find it in sc

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    The book is written by Peter Levine with Ann Frederick I find this book fascinating, and it has helped me to see that I have been sometime in my childhood probably traumatized because I have these four common symptoms hyperarousal, constriction, dissociation, and helplessness I hope to begin therapy soon with someone who has been trained in Somatic Experiencing, which was devised by Levine More later, when I finish the book I have now 8 11 12 finished the book and

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