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Empress of All Seasons In A Palace Of Illusions, Nothing Is What It Seems.Each Generation, A Competition Is Held To Find The Next Empress Of Honoku The Rules Are Simple Survive The Palace S Enchanted Seasonal Rooms Conquer Winter, Spring, Summer, And Fall Marry The Prince All Are Eligible To Compete All Except Y Kai, Supernatural Monsters And Spirits Whom The Human Emperor Is Determined To Enslave And Destroy Mari Has Spent A Lifetime Training To Become Empress Winning Should Be Easy And It Would Be, If She Weren T Hiding A Dangerous Secret Mari Is A Y Kai With The Ability To Transform Into A Terrifying Monster If Discovered, Her Life Will Be Forfeit As She Struggles To Keep Her True Identity Hidden, Mari S Fate Collides With That Of Taro, The Prince Who Has No Desire To Inherit The Imperial Throne, And Akira, A Half Human, Half Y Kai Outcast Torn Between Duty And Love, Loyalty And Betrayal, Vengeance And Forgiveness, The Choices Of Mari, Taro, And Akira Will Decide The Fate Of Honoku In This Beautifully Written, Edge Of Your Seat YA Fantasy.

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    Asians in fantasy is my cup of tea

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    ARC received via publisher

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    A YA fantasy, steeped in Japanese folklore, that sounds like it was made to be an anime Why have I not heard of this until now

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    So freaking excited I got egalley of this.

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    Just got an arc Can t wait to read this one.

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    Wow this book does not hold back Empress of all Seasons is a powerful story about a girl raised to believe she was less than because of her plainness, work to become that of a warrior ready to join the competition to win the title of Empress Coming face to face with the horrors her people and others of a similar kind f

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    I can t wait to start reading this So happy I got an early copy.

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    I ve never hit want to read quite so fast in my entire life I AM SO HYPED FOR THIS BOOK

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