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The Field Study Handbook The How To, Why To Guide To Running International Field Research To Inform And Inspire Product, Brand, Strategy, Policy And Communications Praise For The Handbook The Canonical Classic Reference For Cross Cultural Research The Crisp Design And Typography Shine In Timeless Elegance Kevin Kelly, Author, The Inevitable.

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    A little background, I ve been doing user research and user centered design as a core of other things I do for about 20 years I have also been following Jan Chipchase s work for around 10 years or and I am a fan of it The price is steep, but it may be one of the most well rounded books I ve run acr

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    The Field Study Handbook is ostensibly a guide to running qualitative research in unfamiliar cultures It walks the reader through the entire process of defining the scope of the research, pitching to clients, building a team, recruiting participants, research methods, analysis and synthesis methods, reporting

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    A unique reference extremely valuable I would think for those specialized researchers who have reason to apply its methods, but an interesting read in any event The closest book that I can recall reading was Hinto...

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