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The Hoods This Book By Harry Grey An Ex Hood Himself Will Shock Here, He Dares To Tell The Truth About Cold Blooded Killer Mobs And How They Work

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    The Hoods is an autobiographical account of the life of a Jewish gangster in New York s Lower East Side between 1910 and 1933 and was written by Harry Grey real name Harry Goldberg partly whilst Goldberg was in Sing Sing p

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    Noodles, quando tirava tardiUn indicatore efficace per capire se una cosa mi piace veramente la comparsa di tendenze collezionistiche Io non ho mai fatto collezione di niente in vita mia, non ne ho mai capito il senso e comunque

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    Ah, quanto mi sono divertita Il proibizionismo, i gangster, l America che stava diventando grande.Scivola via meravigliosamente, scritto bene, senza fronzoli, pieno di dialoghi divertenti, di scene violente e memorabili.Per C un per C

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    I read this book when I was a teenager Loved it The movie Once Upon a Time in America was based on it Insider mob novel based on fact but with a lot of novel around it that seems pretty accurate to me about 20s and 30s NYC mob stuff It s a

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    I probably overated this book from the point of view of comparative literary value But, I love a crime read, and this one also happens to be set on the Lower East Side Delancy Street area where I was born and mostly raised, and was so true in it

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    I love this book It tells the story of 4 lower East Side of NY young toughs who grow up into killers for the developing Syndicate Written by Harry Gray and a semi autobiographical look at the tenement mentality and experiences of many ethnic New Yorker

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    Incredible Extremely entertaining and recommended Blog Twitter Facebook LinkedIn Instagram Google

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    I liked it enough and could see why it was the basis for a movie.

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    Inspiration for the epic movie starring Robert Deniro, Once in a Time in America Wonderful description of growing up in early 20th century NYC, as well as being a mobster during the prohibition era Download the pdf for free from internet.

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