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Reflections on the Revolution In Europe: Immigration, Islam, and the West Can You Have The Same Europe With Different People In It The Answer, Says Christopher Caldwell, Is NoEurope Has Undergone A Demographic Revolution It Never Expected A Half Century Of Mass Immigration Has Failed To Produce Anything Resembling An American Style Melting Pot By Overestimating Its Need For Immigrant Labor And Underestimating The Culture Shaping Potential Of Religion, Europe Has Trapped Itself In A Problem To Which It Has No Obvious SolutionChristopher Caldwell Has Been Reporting On The Politics And Culture Of Islam In Europe For Than A Decade His Deeply Researched And Insightful New Book Reveals A Paradox Since World War II, Mass Immigration Has Been Made Possible By Europe S Enforcement Of Secularism, Tolerance, And Equality But When Immigrants Arrive, They Are Not Required To Adopt Those Values And They Are Disinclined To, Since They Already Have Values Of Their Own Muslims Dominate Or Nearly Dominate Important European Cities, Including Amsterdam And Rotterdam, Strasbourg And Marseille, The Paris Suburbs And East London Islam Has Challenged The European Way Of Life At Every Turn, Becoming, In Effect, An Adversary Culture The Result In Reflections On The Revolution In Europe, Caldwell Reveals The Anger Of Natives And Newcomers Alike He Describes Guest Worker Programs That Far Outlasted Their Economic Justifications, And Asylum Policies That Have Served Illegal Immigrants Better Than Refugees He Exposes The Strange Ways In Which Welfare States Interact With Third World Customs, The Anti Americanism That Brings European Natives And Muslim Newcomers Together, And The Arguments Over Women And Sex That Drive Them Apart He Considers The Appeal Of Sharia, Resistance, And Jihad To A Second Generation That Is Alienated From Europe Than The First, And Addresses A Crisis Of Faith Among Native Europeans That Leaves Them With A Weak Hand As They Confront The Claims Of Newcomers As Increasingly Assertive Immigrant Populations Shape The Continent, Caldwell Writes, The Foundations Of European Culture And Civilization Are Being Challenged And Replaced Reflections On The Revolution In Europe Is Destined To Become The Classic Work On How Muslim Immigration Permanently Reshaped The Westubleday

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    THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACKIt s the hottest of hot topics here in Britain and I thought I d try to think about it , but maybe now I wish I hadn t Whichever way you think about it, it doesn t make you feel good Thinking about immigration is really hard if you re a white leftish British person But if you re a white normal British person then it s easy what you think is 1 leave the EU 2 tear up all human rights

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    If you have time to spare and are interested about the impact Muslim immigrants are making on Europe, then read this book I ll try my best to summarize what this book is about Europe messed up big time with immigration after WWII Most immigrants are Muslims, and they aren t adjusting very well to European culture Both Europe and Muslims are at fault here The book takes great detail in explaining the faults of both

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    This is a persuasive expose on immigration and the growth of Islam in Europe.Historically Europe has been a source of out migration mostly to America Only since the end of the Second World War after Western Europe stabilized and commenced re building did it allow immigration from outside its periphery These immigrants were foreign in terms of language and culture particularly religion Since the 1950 s Europe has become a sec

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    Thetime you spend with Christopher Caldwell and his all over the map musings on his conviction that we should all be afraid, very afraid, of the danger presented by each and every Muslim in the world, theyou start to wonder if he is not in fact playing some kind of Stephen Colbert angle here.Like the great Colbert himself, Caldwell can drone through an extended passage of what sounds like serious analysis as he explores his thesis tha

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    I read some of the other readers comments on the book Its interesting that the people who rated it with 4 or 5 stars didn t exactly get warm fuzzy notions from the information therein But the people who said it wasn t a good book called the author a racist xenophobic liar This book poses some real serious questions about how Islam will or won t integrate with The West All his information is cited in the 30 plus pages of sources I d hope people

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    This book, published in 2009, shows its age It was written before the mass immigration to Europe of the past few years, and also before the increase in Muslim terror While nothing the book says is wrong, and its analysis is sound enough though it nowhere justifies, or even attempts to justify, the echo of Burke in its title , its problem is that nearly everything it contains is outdated The future has arrived, and it is much worse than Caldwell pessimist

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    I remember living in Europe in the 1990s and realizing for the first time that it had become home to waves of immigrants who had recently arrived from the former Eastern Bloc and around the world, and perhaps most noticeably from the Middle East In my American education the focus had always been on Europe as a source of immigration, not a destination for it While America had long been known as a melting pot, it was also a new world consisting of a vast and mostly

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    Good overview of the history of mass immigration to Europe and an analysis of the effects and pitfalls of this phenomenon, especially regarding the mass immigration of Muslim people from third world countries Book was published in 2009, so it doesn t anticipate the severity of the current situation, but the analysis is sound Especially the varying reactions to the problems of multiculturalism and the rising role of Islam are covered in a very thoughtful and measured way The

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    I could almost have cut and pasted the official book description into this review and left it at that, since the book description says it very clearly The Europe we have known is disappearing and what replaces it is, as yet, an unknown quantity The future is up for grabs and there are numerous cultures who will be competing for dominance The multi culture wars are not going to be pretty This is a disturbing book that should be compulsory reading for anyone who is interested in real p

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    Trauma from past fascist regimes or colonial culpability, Europeans have serious issues dealing with immigration without being prey to the most vicious passions, when the topic is not plain and simply taboo Christopher Caldwell demonstrates here that they are wrong Facing migratory movementsandimportant, and concerning populations those cultural heritage is often alien to ours, it s the essence of Europe itself, its identity and values, that are in question Far from fleeing debate Trauma from

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