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In Defense of Puppets An Urgent Question Drives This Book What Is It To Speak For Another Technology Today Often Makes Us Feel As If We Can Speak For Or As Another But This Is An Illusion It Is Crucial That We Remain Seriously And Playfully Alert To The Active Role Our Imaginings Have In The Shaping Of What We Think We Know Of Ourselves And Others Poetry Is Vital To Raising This Awareness Art Is Puppet Like, The Poet Paul Celan Observed This Collection Of Poems, Some In Formal, Some In Free Verse, Explores The Ironies, Humor, Emotions, And Visions Produced By Such Multifaceted Puppetry, Its Pleasures And Dangers, Its Role In Both Grief And Joy, In Experience And Recollection

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    This collection of poems reads like it came from everyday life, yet worded beautifully Many times I found myself nodding, connecting with the themes and issues DiMatteo addresses in his work The language is accessible and yet it conjures up a depth of imagery on par with other top notch poets Reading a poem from this collection is like having that moment of reflection we all intend to take but never seem to have time for Even those new to poetry, or readers who don t see themselves as poetr

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    I want to tell you the sun is a rose Light is its scent A deeply felt, careful collection from Anthony DiMatteo, who examines life and its many responsibilities through a loving and tender lens.

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