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The Wickit Chronicles: Fen Gold (Wickit Chronicles) Trouble Is Heading For Wickit Monastery On The Sweltering Summer Fens From The King S Court Comes Cedric Then Rane, A Beautiful Norse Girl, Arrives With Her Hulking Henchman But What Are They Really Here For Pip, The Orphan And Perfect, The Stone Gargoyle, Find Themselves Caught Up In A Mad Search For Buried Treasure That Leads Them Across The Marshes To The Dreaded Black Bog, The Very Last Place They Want To Be And All The While, They Can T Shake The Feeling They Re Being Watched This book is okay I rate it a 3 star It s a good book to start 6th grade out with But it isn t that good that I pry wouldn t read it again Sorry This is Pip and Perfect s second adventure, following Ely Plot Pip is a young orphaned boy who lives at Wicket Monastery deep in the fens of medieval England Perfect, his companion, is a small, talking, swimming, flying dragon gargoyle, and they make a great pair, lively, adventurous true friends.It s a sweltering summer when two strangers arrive at the monastery in need of medical help The first is a man from the King s court, the second is older Norseman who is accompanied by two bawny young men and a girl, the Lady Rane.Pip and Perfect unwillingly join Rane on a treasure hunt through the treacherous marshes, a trip filled with danger from the terrain and another who wants the fortune.An outstanding story for its audience, an unfamiliar setting with hazards of its own, plenty of ad The book I read was The Wickit Chronicles Book 2 Fen Gold by Joan Lennon The genre is fiction The main characters are Pip and he lives at the Wickit church and he finds something that he never saw before here is a hint it is something bright like Ranes hair They were in the real world thats what they

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