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Corduroy Writes a Letter (Easy-to-Read, Puffin) Lisa Notices That Her Favorite Cookies Have Fewer Sprinkles, So Her Mother Suggests That Lisa Write A Letter To The Bakery Lisa Is Too Afraid To Write A Letter, But Corduroy Isn T He Writes The Letter For Her But Will The Baker Listen To Advice From A Bear When Lisa s cookies have fewer sprinkles, Corduroy writes a letter to the baker and when the theater marque is missing a few light bulbs Corduroy write a letter to the owner, and both letters gets results Finally Lisa writes a letter to her favorit In this book it was interesting as the author is encouraging something that we don t see now a days,if something is bothering you write to the person owner and let them know The little girl doesn t think her letter Corduroy Writes a Letter is an excellent book It is the type of book that educates and empowers I love that it shows young children that they have the ability to bring about change By the end of the book, the main character realized that her voice mattered Outstanding lesson I secured this boo

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