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Devi (Matefinder, #2) It had an enjoyable plot line but I had a few major problems with it Firstly I found it irritating how often this supposedly independent, strong, dominant female let herself be babied by being picked up and moved around by Kai At one point I found myself asking if she was capable of sitting on anything other than his lap This was not nearly as annoying as the FREQUENT spelling mistakes, which wo Ahhhh I wish I knew this was out Why didn t I know Read for the 2019 KU Shitathon challenge Mini Edition 2 April June over at Maraya s Cave Of Freaking WondersPlan A Book 2 of 71 Matefinder Remember what I said about Book 1 If not the link is up there Take that and multiply it by two You get this book STUPID Outstanding sequel The story just keeps getting better Aurora and Kai are getting married Along with that, aurora is fighting against a crazy vampire leader, an aggressive government agency and Kai is keeping something from her You find out just what who Aurora is and her purpose Growing charactersAurora and Kai are growing as characters and lovers This is a bit of a steamy read but nothing too detailed for younger readers I really enjoy the idea of her being a Devi but I really hope that she can overcome her destiny. Be , questo s che un sequel come si deve Non un semplice romanzo di transizione dall inizio alla fine di una trilogia, ma un romanzo davvero intenso che prende tutte le parti migliori del predecessore e aggiunge pi azione, pi risvolti di trama, pi mitologia e delle novit che ho davvero apprezzato.Mi piace lo stile di Leia Stone, anche se ammetto che non sar apprezzato da tutti, ma riesce comunque a regalare delle ore piacevoli e a tenere incollati ai propri romanzi Non so come faccia, ma pi leggo e pi voglio andare avanti, finch non mi trovo ad aver divorato l intero romanzo in pochissimo tempo nonostante la lingua inglese, ma tranquilli che arriva anche in Italia eh Aurora e Kai stanno attraversando un periodo davvero complicato, e sebbene siano la coppia principale dell intera storia, non tutto gira intorno al loro a Aurora un personaggio in continua evoluzione e in questo secondo volume faremo delle scoperte sorprendenti, la vedremo mutare e cambiare modo di pensare, fino a diventare una vera e propria guerriera Kai il personaggio che si evolve di meno o comunque ha soltanto pochi spunti per crescere, ma alla fine del romanzo resta sempre il fidanzato perfetto che tutti vorremmo.Intorno a loro, un cast di personaggi secondari che in questo secondo romanzo vengono accentuati e ci piacciono ancora di pi , soprattutto per Devi, the second book in the Matefinder series picks up where Matefinder ends Aurora is hunted by the vampires for her blood The vamps want little vampy babies too, it is only fair She is also exploring her witchery side Here she finds that is not only is special because is a witch vampire hybrid, but she has two affinities This means that she is a Devi, a person who serves as a host to an angel with a purpose.The emotional detachment of Kai and Aurora was too much for me There is still no chemistry The best swoon I could find was the one I posted on Thursday about a kitten I mean come on give the reader some romance, some tension, something I tried, with this series I continued because the second book had a lot of great reviews and again I liked the book that she co authored Queen Heir Clearly, it is me and not the book Kai was so lacking as an alpha that anytime he came on the page I rolled my eyes I got that Aurora is h One day Aurora was just your very unaverage half witch half wolf Matefinder The next she is a Devi with two affinities and far special than she ever wanted to be Where book one centered mainly around Aurora s wolf side, book two delves greatly into her witch half and the multitude of deeper secrets that this half of her has to uncover War is coming and Aurora will need ever possible advantage in hopes of defeating the vampires, as well as the wayward RAIDOS, but what she finds will be beyond her wildest imaginings, and may very well mean her impending death What will she sacrifice for the safety of her pack and of all humanity And worse yet, what in the WORLD is her mate up to Aurora continues to grow and learn to be a leader to her pack and a protector of mankind She has transformed drastically from the I haven t had this feeling in a while The sadness and anxiety when I realize a series isn t finished yet and I have to wait for book 3 But do I think it ll be worth the wait Hell yes I loved this book More fighting and romance than the first, but also some heartache and mystery over w PDF Epub Devi Matefinder, 2 By Leia Stone Contra Saustall.eu Alternate Cover Edition Of ASIN B013X2QLEA The Matefinder Series Has Been Optioned For Film Stay Tuned When Aurora Found Out That The Vampires Were After Her Blood To Procreate, She Thought She Knew Her Mission Take Out The Vampires And Live Happily Ever After With Kai And Their Pack But When The Witches Discover Something About Her, Everything Changes Maybe Aurora Doesn T Have As Much Control Over Her Fate As She Thought And Sometimes Allies Become Enemies Aurora And Kai Must Defy All Odds If Their Future Is To End In Happiness The Matefinder Series Has Been Optioned For Film Stay Tuned

About the Author: Leia Stone

Leia Stone is the USA TODAY bestselling author of the Matefinder series which is optioned for flim, and the Hive Trilogy She lives in Arizona with her husband, two kids and her dog When she is not chasing around her twin son and daughter, or writing, she has her nose shoved in a book She wrote her first book when she was 23 years old Keep reading and live with purpose Follow her on Facebook

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