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Wir Kinder vom Bahnhof Zoo Christiane F S Dvanaest Je Godina U Omladinskom Klubu Evangeli Kog Centra U Berlinu Po Ela Pu Iti Ha I , S Trinaest Je U Diskoteci Prvi Put Ku Ala Heroin Postala Je Ovisnicom Ujutro U Koli, Poslijepodne S Prijateljima Narkomanima Na Berlinskom Kolodvoru Zoo, U Potrazi Za Mu Terijama S Kojima E Prostitucijom Namaknuti Novac Za Drogu Majka Dvije Godine Nije Znala Za Dvostruki Ivot Svoje K Eri.Christiane U Ovoj Knjizi Detaljno I Otvoreno Govori O Tajnama Djece Za Koje Se Naj E E Prvi Put Dozna Tek Kada Ih Droga Ubije.

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    The most impressive book I ve read before I was twenty years old My parents made me read it whe I was 13 or 14 years old and it made a VERY deep impression on me It is the story of an ordinary girl that ends up due to circumstances in a group of friends who smoke pot and are drinking After a while of sticking to these two, she slips fu

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    What I learned from this book How to shoot dope Also that 1 seeing David Bowie live 2 in Berlin in the late 1970 s 3 while high on dope is the ultimate trifecta and would have been my really, really awesome dream come true In contrast, by the time I saw David Bowie live and than middle aged , it was 1 in the Midwestern United States 2 w

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    Living in Rudow and commuting to work through Gropiusstadt, it struck me that I should know the memoir that the neighbourhoods are famous for The book, put together from interviews with Christiane F., a teenaged heroin addict, her mother, and authorities working to fight drug use in West Berlin in the 1970s, follows Christiane from her early childhood,

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    We Children from train station Zoo were children hooked on heroine in West Berlin during the 70s They used to mingle on the Zoo station to sell sex to buy heroine This book is based on a true story of 14 years old Christine F., prostitute and a junkie As kids, my friends and I were dealing this book like a drug It was shocking and spectacular, as Christine didn

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    Harsh, compelling, brutally honest The true story of a young girl addicted to heroin in the 70 s Love books that grant me a glimpse into a completely different world Read this

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    I had to prepare a presentation on Bydlowska s Drunk Mom in my creative non fiction course and this book titled Station Zoo in English was mentioned by the author I was curious about it, since growing up in Berlin I kept hearing it mentioned, yet I never knew what it was really about.Whatever somebody could have told me about it would not have been enough to caution

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    Having never read a book about any type of addiction before, I have to say this book was pretty hard to read, but in a good way At times Christiane F s story feels like a train wreck, I didn t want to watch but I couldn t tear my eyes away.I should start off saying that the fact that this story, this girls life, is influenced by drugs so early in life is heart wrenching and at several mom

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    I read this book in the original Norwegian 1982 release, recommended and lent me by an acquaintance It is falling apart The fragrance of the disintegrating glue had the aroma that book lovers get high on This book is about other, harmful highs I had no idea that it was such a thing until I looked it up on goodreads Although the events described here are 40 years old, this book is still available

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    The last time I read this book I was probably 15 years old and very much impressed by the protagonists story and not to get me wrong I was shocked by her experiences Meanwhile, 15 years older I just had to reread this classic from my youth and was still moved by it In my opinion, everyone should read it at least once

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    I think this is becoming a classic nowadays.It has an important message that all teenagers should hear and that is DRUGS ARE BAD FOR YOU It s just written in a style that I don t like and at some parts I found it disgusting but I guess it couldn t been written any other way.Anyways, there aren t many things that should be said about this book except that you SHOULD read it.

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