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Tony Hawk In This Young Adult Autobiography, Tony Hawk Shares The Stories From His Life That Have Helped Him Become A Skateboarding Hero.Hawk Speaks Of Being A Super Competitive Demon Child Who Found Peace While On A Skateboard Classmates Teased Him Because Of His Interest In An Uncool Sport Instead Of Retaliating With Violence, He Practised Even With His Story, He Will Inspire A Younger Generation Of Fans To Stand Up For What They Believe In And Follow Their Dreams.Ages 8 12

About the Author: Tony Hawk

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Tony Hawk book, this is one of the most wanted Tony Hawk author readers around the world.

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    Tony hawk professional skateboarder written by and interviewed by sean mortimer is about a professional skater by the name of Tony Hawk He is considered an all time skateboarding legend He grew up on the coastal side of LA with his father he had a fairly good life while he was living with his father in LA and as he grew up he was starting to become better and better at skating As he started to get sponsored and thought his life was going to b

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    The novel Tony Hawk, by the great Tony Hawk himself is a biography explaining what the life was like during the time he would skate as a young teen In his book it said that during his time there were not too many skaters and that if you skated, and you knew what you were doing it didn t really make cool with everybody else, unlike today of course, where if you can ride ...

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    This is quite nerdy that I read this book, I know A friend was done with it and passed it my way I haven t had much time to read like I would like to, so I suppose it s ironic that I spent precious time on a thing like this But it was a quick and easy read If you re not a skateboarder, I would imagine this book will carry no interest for you whatsoever Tony Hawk seems like a really affable guy and I really respect him as an athlete and celebrity But this boo

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    Enjoyable reading but I prefer, Tony Hawk, a Life in Skateboarding Having read a good number of skate mags, I m not sure this does justice to Hawk s legend or humanity Can t say for certain because I read this several years ago Presumably written for Young Adults, it seemed sweet and vani...

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    The book was an amazing example of perseverance and courage.It was a real page turner and I was sorry when I finished reading it,

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    I find this 155 page biography book, called Tony Hawk, set in California, by Seam Mortimer very entertaining and interesting for a few reasons First, I used to play the Tony Hawk video games along with my cousin back in 2002 through 2005 They were one of my favorite games and I thought that all the tricks we could do on the skateboard were awesome The other reason is I d like to learnabout skateboarding, as I find it an interesting sport Reading about Tony Hawk s personal life and

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    Hawk shares the stories from his life that have helped him become a skateboarding hero He talks of being a super competitive demon child who found peace while on a skateboard With his story he can inspire a younger generation of fans to stand up for what they believe in and follow their dreams In this young adult autobiography, Tony Hawk shares the stories Hawk speaks of being a super competitive demon child who found peace while on a skateboard Classmates teased him because of his inte Ha

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    My first venture into skateboarding culture.and I found it interesting, informative, and entertaining The reading level isaccessible to everyone One who absolutely hated reading could read this book in a day There are great photographs and the narrative is super conversational A 3rd grader through adult could pick up this book and enjoy itand I have a lotrespect for Tony Hawk now, and for the guiding, patient, loving parents who steer their ADHD children into a creative, produ My first venture int

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    This book is called Tony Hawk Professional Skateboarder and the Arthur is Tony Hawk himself This books genre is nonfiction because it has real characters in it Summary This book is about Tony Hawks career from when he was a kid Tony Hawk was a little kid that started his skating career ever sense he was a kid Tony hawk learned how to skate by his older brother when his brother taught him how As Tony hawk grew up he became very famous Tony hawk was featured on a mountain dew commercial and This book is cal

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    Tony Hawk, really such an amazing guy Who would have guessed that he was always a straight A student Who ever would have guessed that it took himthen fifteen years to learn one trick Certainly not me In this book I learned so much about the famous skateboarder Tony Hawk This book tells his story from the day he was born to the most recent imformation on him It s a really fun book because it comes from his point of view and he talks about his perception of his life and childhood He w Tony Hawk, really such an amaz

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