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For Your Sake Hidden At The Northern Most Point Of The Mountain State Of West Virginia Was The Quiet Town Of Tippitt, Home To Less Than Twenty Thousand Residents As Well As The Mountain Skulls Motorcycle Club Under A Veil Of Good Standing And Legitimate Business, The 1% Outlaws Maintain A Tight Watch On Their Surroundings While Conducting Affairs Which Bring In The Real Money.Ben Lawson Isn T Just The Club S Enforcer, But The One Called Upon When Debts Got Settled Big, Strong And Fiercely Loyal, His Unassuming Calm Belies A Man Willing To Get His Hands Dirty For A Club Who D Been His Only Family But When The Deaths Of Two Brothers Hits Too Close To Home, It Cracks That Detatched Exterior, Sending Him On Collision Course Which Literally Lands Him In The Path Eva Sinclair.Beautiful And Independent, Eva Has Wrapped Her Life Around Her Business And New Home In An Effort To Bury Memories Best Left Behind Anyone She Ever Cared For Has Either Died Or Left, Causing Her To Emotionally Push Away Anyone Who Gets Too Close But When Near Fatal Circumstances Puts Her On Ben S Radar, She Finds Herself Being Shadowed By A Man As Dangerous As His Club S Whispered Reputation Before She Knows It, Eva Finds Herself Breaking Her Own Protective Rules, Allowing The Imposing Biker Into Her Life Where His Outlaw Lifestyle Challenges Her Civilian One Their Attraction Is Instant And Explosive And One Neither One Can Afford Nor Resist But When The Club Finds A Connection Between Eva And A Current Threat, It Jeopardizes The Fragile Trust Between Her And A Man Who Holds No Forgiveness For Betrayal And May Wind Up His Target Because Of ItContains Language, Violence And Explicit Sex

About the Author: Elayne DiSano

Hi everyone,Due to time constraints with my job and business, effective 3 23 15, I will be removing For Your Sake and For Her Honor from I will no longer be able to write future books and felt it best to remove them as they were part of a series and did not want to leave readers wondering if there will be .The data will still remain here on GR if you have one or both books if you haven

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    4 stars Review completed March 28, 2014The heroine is not a biker babe She s actually quite a ladyEven though Taz is a nosy gossip I already love him Not sure but he might have been set up already with view spoiler Eva s very

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    3.7 stars This is definitely not your regular biker story I have to admit I waffled a bit when it comes to rating this A lot of things worked for me but there are still issues that niggled at me For Your Sake is a character driven sto

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    Ben Lawson isn t just the club s enforcer, but the one called upon when debts got settled Big, strong and fiercely loyal, his unassuming calm belies a man willing to get his hands dirty for a club who d been his only family But when the de

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    2.5 3 Stars This book was like a cake with not enough batter and too much frosting The whole time you are chewing you are thinking wow this is a fuck ton of sugar and the cake is missing an ingredient.Don t get me wrong, I liked it well enough, but lik

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    I have to admit to struggling with what to rate this book.I loved the idea of it, I loved the idea of Ben and his issues his dislike for clutter, his claustrophobia etc All the little myriad quirks to his personality that made him a bit different your usual her

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    Elayne DiSano is a friend and fellow writer in the Freak Circle Press.For Your Sake is a fantastic MC romance, with an emphasis on both the MC and the romance The Mountain Skulls are an outlaw MC, so the club action is gritty and exciting from their first introduction,

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    Dirty blonde hair, amber colored eyes, large build, tan complexion, he looked suited for a sword and a shield than a motorcycle. Definitely how I imagine the hero of this story For Your Sake is a debut of Elayne DiSano, a fellow member of The Freak Circle Press I

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    I really like this story It has the right amount of EVERYTHING that makes a girl like me, a happy camper DThe right amount of danger intrigue A great premise plot, that s not only believable, but that pulls you in and makes you not only care about the outcome, but the people involved as

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    3.5 starsThis book have a similar feel to Move the Sun by Susan Fanetti Well, minus the rough sex and badass chick Ben is the Skull MC s enforcer, the one responsible for the killing Though, gotta say his name too tame for my taste But his name really do reflect his inner personality In order to

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    2.5 Meh.I expected so much from this book Everyone liked it, I ve read so many wonderful reviews about this series, I just had to try it So, as usual, I tried and I failed Don t get me wrong, it s not awful or anything, I just wanted I really do have to remember...

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