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Right Where I Belong Natalia S About To Discover Her Place In The World And It S Not Following In Her Father S Footsteps After Watching Her Father Jump From One Marriage To The Next, Natalia Has Completely Written Off Love And When Her Father Divorces His Third Wife The Only One Who Has Been A Mother To Her Natalia Is Ready To Write Him Off TooNeeding A Change Of Scenery, Natalia Leaves Her Home In Spain And Relocates With Her Stepmother To Sun Soaked Florida But She Didn T Realize Just How Far A New School, A New Culture, And A New Lifestyle Would Push Her Out Of Her Comfort ZoneOne Of Her Biggest Surprises Comes From Brian, A Pastor S Son With An Adorable Smile, Who Loves God With A Sincerity That Astounds Natalia She Doesn T Want To Fall For Him, But She Can T Seem To Avoid Him Long Enough To Get Him Out Of Her MindLove Is The Last Thing Natalia Wants Even So, God Has Her Right Where She Belongs An Absolute Gem Romantic Times TOP PICK For First Date

About the Author: Krista McGee

Krista writes for teens, teaches teens, andoften than not, acts like a teen She and her family have lived and ministered in Texas, Costa Rica, and Spain Her current hometown is Tampa, FL.

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    About this book Natalia s about to discover her place in the worldand it s not following in her father s footsteps.After watching her father jump from one marriage to the next, Natalia has completely written off love And when her father divorces his third wife the only one who has been a mother to her Natalia is ready to write him off too.

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    I feel like I just ate a giant chocolate cake and I don t even feel sick Krista McGee never ever disappoints except one time I absolutely love this book It s amazing and cute and wholesome and wonderful and clean I love Natalie I fell in love with Brian in third chapter of the book Spencer was a jerk, but he changed and I appreciate that, seriously

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    Natalia Lopez is tired of her father s love them and leave them attitude When he divorces his third wife, Natalia leaves Spain with her stepmother to move to Florida She s got a lot to adjust to a grieving stepmother, a Christian school, and boys who are interested in her She has sworn off love and boys because of how her father treated the women he married

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here I love this book so much I was laughing a LOT Brian is sooooo funny I love Natalia him together I didn t really like her dad I wish there was a second book about them I love this book so much I was laughing a LOT Brian is sooooo funny I love Natalia him together I didn t really like her

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    Krista McGee has done it again This third book from Krista is a modern day version of Ruth from the Bible Natalia leaves her home of Spain and all that she knows to move with her stepmother to Tampa Florida when Natalia s father seeks a divorce from her stepmother Natalia is thrust into a culture she doesn t know and a brokenhearted and depressed stepmother so the move to Am

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    Another amazing book from Krista McGee This is the fourth book I ve read by her, am I must say that I haven t been disappointed yet McGee is definitely my favorite Christian author because her stories hold the perfect blend of entertainment and enlightenment I m always left with a smile on my face and hope in my heart I loved both First Date and Starring Me , so I was very happy when

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    Krista McGee is becoming my favorite author

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    I love Biblical retellings I love McGee s humor Mix them together and you get this beautiful portrait of a Natalia our Ruth , a young girl who loves her God and her ex stepmother so much that she travels to a new land in order to follow His will In a culture Natalia, herself, feels lost inside.God s promise of caring for His children shines through in this story McGee has crafted a memorable version o

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    I ve really enjoyed this series It s so nice to find Young Adult stories that are clean Natalia is a new Christian and is new to the United States It was fun watching her experience things in the U.S for the first time Her hunger for the Word andof God inspired me There was a real lesson in this on how much we take things for granted And I loved Brian s humor He struggled with self worth and watching him grow

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    I am completely befuddled as to why I picked this up, other than the fact that I was screwing around with Hoopla and this popped up, somehow And never mind that I read twoby the same author Don t worry I m better now I think Spoiler Everybody winds up in Jesus s warm embrace by the end But did anyone ever think otherwise Given that I am so far out of the demographic this book and the siblings by the same author I read

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