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A Bewitching Christmas (Under Realm Assassins, #1 ) I absolutely love Ms Greene s Rulers of Darkness series so I thought I d check this out For a novella this was excellent Nobody writes drool worthy vamps like Ms Greene does Her heroines are usually pretty interesting and kick butt as well If this had been a full size book I A BEWITCHING CHRISTMAS was short, but had plenty to keep me occupied as I read Analette and Cole meet in a bar and decide to go home together Neither character is looking for long term when they decide to spend one night together, but they have an instant connection and sleeping together only cements that Things get pretty hot, so be ready for the steam I really enjoyed learning a little bit about their backgrounds and the conflict of the book was well executed for such a small time frame There were some neat surprised and Grandma was by far my favorite.I am keeping my fingers crossed that A BEWITCHING CHRISTMAS isn t the end of Analette and Cole s story I want to know where their relationship goes and how they wi BOOKS A Bewitching Christmas Under Realm Assassins, 1 By Amanda J Greene Easyfaroairporttransfers.co.uk It Has Been Seven Years Since Analette Dyson Stopped Practicing Magic And Headed To New York, Where She Created A New Life, Complete With A Fabulous Job, An Apartment In Central Park West, And A Sexy Werewolf Fianc She Never Planned On Returning To Her Small Home Town In Maine, But When She Learns Her Grandmother Is Ill, She Decides To Pop Over For A Visit And What Better Time Than Christmas Excited For Her Fianc To Meet Her Family, They Head Up A Day Early Worst Idea Ever After Doing Some Last Minute Christmas Shopping, Analette Returns To Their Hotel To Find Her Fianc In Bed With Another Woman Cursing The Universe For Her Never Ending Bad Luck With Men And Dreading Telling Her Family About Her Cheating Fianc , She Heads To The Bar To Self Medicate Not One To Celebrate The Holidays, Vampire And Assassin, Cole McRae, Has Followed A Lead To A Rustic Town In Witch Territory But After A Few Days Of Research And Waiting For His Target To Show, He Begins To Suspect He Has Wasted His Time That Is, Until He Meets A Curvaceous Blonde With Bewitching Green Eyes At The Local Bar One Night With The Enchanting Analette Could Make This Useless Trip Well Worth His Time.Their Passion Is Undeniable And Unbeknownst To Them, Their Fates Are Intertwined Magic And Romance Will Strike On Christmas, Changing Their Lives Forever A Holiday Novella, Erotic I received a gifted copy from the author in exchange for an honest review The opinions expressed in this review is 100% my own.What do a witch and a vampire have in common Under normal circumstances absolutely nothing However, in A Bewitching Christmas, it s a werewolf.Cole McRae is a vampire and an assassin for the Under Realm Society Currently, he is tracking a werewolf named Trent aka Silver Silver is a notorious magic thief and is considered dangerous A magic thief is someone who murders witches to obtain their magic His intended target in Analette Dyson He had worked his way into her life, eventually becoming her fianc It was her intention to introduce him to her family However, she caught him in a compromising situation with another female She decided to drown her sorrows in the local bar While there she met the devastatingly handsome and sexy Cole McRae There was an immediate and mutual attraction and, they decided to explore it, if only for one night.Analette and Cole complemented each other Analette considered herself to be boring and predictable However, she intended to change that by spending a night in the arms of a vampire Being with Cole allowed her to embrace her wild side Cole s life was filled with darkness He was damaged and incapable of having any emotional attachment However, after spending a night in Analette s arms, he felt alive Will these two wounded souls be able to move past their pain and embrace what the future holds for them Connecting with the Book A Bewitching Christmas Under Realm Assassins 1 Author Amanda J GreenePublication Date 12 14 2013Reviewed by Tammy Payne Book Nook Nuts My Rating 3 Stars REVIEW May contain spoilers New to me Author Analette a witch who has taken herself back to her hometown for family issues and only to find that her werewolf boyfriend fianc has been cheating on her She meets up with a sexy man at the bar and ends up in his bed Cole is much than a vampire he is an assassin and is undercover to bring in one werewolf so what do this vamp and this witch have in common You guessed it they both want to rip the shoulders off the same werewolf But something is happening between these two something so much than the quest at hand Thi Greene introduces us to a variety of different supernaturals and really develops those that we meet closely in this story The concept and strength of vampire claiming is apparent to anyone reading and made me fall in love with Cole a little She also develops the notion and workings of the assassins in a way that readers can understand it and connect with it It all worked directly into the plot of the story, one which kept me on my toes, between the suspense and palpable chemistry between the characters Greene is a visually descriptive author who really brings this all to life in a vivid manner The well written, polished presentation makes it a joy to read.I felt for both the main characters in this story from the moment that they were introduced It wasn t pity, but rather an emotional connection with them based on what they d been through I liked seeing both characters perspectives on the goings on Not only did it add to the character development, but it als What a sexy little read As a hardcore fan of the paranormal romance genre, I have always thought nothing could beat it But adding Christmas in the mix makes it even better I really enjoyed this story It is everything that you could want in a novella It s a quick and entertaining read with good characters and an interesting story There s a little bit of action and a whole lot of sexy.The paranormal aspects are what make this novel I love that the story included multiple kinds of paranormal creatures Having the story take place around Christmas was the bow on top of an already nice present I found the idea of an underground A Bewitching Christmas is a great start to a new series and sure lives up to its title Besides being a sensual, fun and satisfying read It s magical and a great quick read for Christmas A great read for any fans of the genre Analette visits with her family after years of steering clear She has her reasons for doing so but is now rethinking and having some doubt that her reasons for staying away were not all that great She misses them dearly, she needs them and realizes that visiting only because her gran s ill is very My rating 3.5 out of 5 starsA Bewitching Christmas is a quick, saucy little read that is a great introduction to a world of paranormal assassins and the missions before them Why am I reading a Christmas themed book novella in April Because book 2 in just around the corner and I wanted to be nice and caught up beforehand Ms Greene is a great talent and I expect to love this series just as much as her Rulers of Darkness series I always groan when a book starts off with a glossary but thankfully, I never needed to reference it I liked Cole immediately and I really, REALLY hope this isn t the end of his story I need to know why he is the way he is, what damaged him so For such a short read, I was intrigued by the plot and it kept me engaged even though it was all laid out for me pretty quickly I m a little torn on the sex scenes though There was I really enjoyed this romp through the snow and danger Greene did a great job balancing the sexy with action and added just the right about of holiday elements to this PNR I m so glad I have the next novella loaded on my ereader.

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