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Mended (Connections, #3) Music Has The Power To Heal, But Not All Broken Hearts Can Be Mended Always In Control, Xander Wilde Considered Life On The Road A Perfect Fit For Him But When Disaster Strikes On The Wilde Ones Latest Tour, Fate Intervenes And A Newly Single Ivy Taylor, The Only Girl He Ever Loved, Steps Back Into His Life After Moving Past Her Painful Breakup With Xander Years Ago, Ivy Was Poised To Become The Next Big Name In Pop Music When Suddenly, She Withdrew From The Limelight The Day She Announced Her Engagement To Her Controlling Agent, Damon Wolf Xander Knows He Should Keep His Distance But Once They Re On The Road, He Can T Resist Pursuing Her For A Second Chance Yet A Jealous Damon Can T Let Her Go And He S Keeping Dangerous Secrets That Could Destroy Them All When The Three Of Them Come Together, Everything Falls Apart But If Xander And Ivy Can Hold Tight To The Bond That Connects Them, They Just Might Have A Chance At Reclaiming The Powerful Love They Thought They Had Lost Forever I think this one might just be my absolute favorite one so far So much emotion and the Connection between Xander and Ivy is Incredible MUSIC HAS THE POWER TO HEAL ALL BUT NOT ALL BROKEN HEARTS CAN BE MENDED.We First met Ivy and Xander who is River s brother in Connected and Torn Now it is time for their story Although I thought Xander was a total ass in the previous books, I knew Kim would redeem him in this one and by God she did for sure I absolutely LOVED Mended I can honestly say this is my favorite one thus far in the series Ivy and Xander first met and dated in High School, when a tragedy strikes and they were left heartbroken and confused They both went their separate ways She s not just a girl I used to dateshe s the only girl I ever really loved She s also the girl whose heart I broke Now 12 years later a chance encounter has given Xander another chance to redeem himself with Ivy Secrets come to the surface and Ivy must work through what she thought she knew and what she is learning now to be truth One thing though she is engaged and h ARC provided by author in exchange of honest review Reviewed on Behalf of Give Me Books4.5 Mended Stars Roses are so clich I couldn t agree Xander Wilde Mended by Kim Karr is by far my favorite of The Connections Series As a big fan of second chance romance, I loved that Mended revolved on mending the past and welcoming the future Mended had a perfect balance of love, angst, drama, suspense, and sexiness Second chances and forgiveness was the biggest element of the storyline as it chronicles Xander Wilde and his first and only love, Ivy Taylor Mended was a perfect reminder second chances are given so we can get it right this time around and true love exists Xander and Ivy s story was a testament that true love always finds a way to come back For twelve years, Ivy was led to believe that Xander cheated on her but that was not the case A young Xander was dealing with his father s death and he didn t want to stop Ivy from going to college and fulfilling her dreams His love for Ivy was so real and heartfelt that he set his love free so she can find her happiness For 12 years, the only person w 4.5 I heart Xander stars As much as I love musicians, there s something about a band manager that gets me all WORKED UP Review There s just something about Xander that I love I think he s my favorite in the Connection series He s just so sexy, attractive and lickable Xander and Ivy have a past, but it didn t work out Years later, she s a Pop star and is engaged to one of the most ruthless people in town, Damon Wolf.Xander doesn t understand why Ivy and him aren t together, but there s something that is drawing him back to her and he wants her badly Mended is a bit different from the previous two books There s sexual tension and character and relationship build up than steam I really liked this As much as I love my kinky steam, I loved the tension between Xander and Ivy I m a fan of characters having past issues because there s that layer of build up that has already been established Also, I love it when the Heroine is with a villain, just makes me want to root for Xander even Xander and Ivy struggle for a bit, trying to figure out how to 3.5 Stars After the stories of a hot band leader River and a hot actor Jagger now it is the time to get behind the hard exterior of the band s manager This is Xander and Ivy s story It s a cute and interesting but I didn t like it as much as liked the previous ones However let me tell you this these guys are seriously likableIf you love someone, set them free If they come back, they re yoursThe story We know Xander Wilde from the previous books he is the manager of the band and River s brother He has been following Ivy Taylor s career but definitely didn t intent to actually meet her again He had broken her heart years ago when they were both young She believes he cheated He believes he made the right choice But only Xander knows what happened and how he felt Years after their painful breakup, Xander and Ivy meet again She wants to convince herself she hates him but she simply can t He will always be special to her Ivy has followed her dream to become a singer but she is not performing exactly what she wants to So when the opportunity to join Xander s band presents itself she wants in The problem is that she will be close to Xander again Sometimes just too close Xander on the other hand is determined to get Ivy back But after some time he is unsure if that is even possibleHis love

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