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Aliens, Robots, and Spaceships Aliens, Robots, And Spaceships Download Author Jeff Rovin From Chewbacca To Vampirella, Jurassic Park To Supergirl, Aliens, Robots, And Spaceships Is The Ultimate A To Z Encyclopedia Of The Unimaginable, Featuring Over 100 Illustrations And A User Friendly Format Included Are Exciting Accounts Of Superheroes And Spacecraft From Places One Never Dreamed And Times One Never Fathomed This Comprehensive Reference Includes Not Only The Famous But Also Lesser Known, Though Equally As Powerful Or Novel Creations Such As Comic Book Stars Red Ronin, A 100 Foot Red Ard Robot Who Helps Fight The Man Monster Yetrigar In Godzilla And The Dalgoda, A Six Foot Tall Talking Humanoid Dog Who Comes To Earth To Enlist Military Support For His Struggling Planet, Canida.

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    This book is one of those many finds I came across on my travels read hunt high and low for new and unsuspecting book shops and I will admit its a bit of a strange one Yes there are than enough encyclopaedias and reference books than is humanly possible to read out there on ju

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    Excellent reference book Crammed full of the aliens and robots from the movies i loved as a kid and young adult Very recommended

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