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Gaudy Night Alternate Cover Edition Of ASIN B008JVJDVOThe Great Dorothy L Sayers Is Considered By Many To Be The Premier Detective Novelist Of The Golden Age, And Her Dashing Sleuth, Lord Peter Wimsey, One Of Mystery Fiction S Most Enduring And Endearing Protagonists Acclaimed Author Ruth Rendell Has Expressed Her Admiration For Sayers S Work, Praising Her Great Fertility Of Invention, Ingenuity, And Wonderful Eye For Detail The Third Dorothy L Sayers Classic To Feature Mystery Writer Harriet Vane, Gaudy Night Is Now Back In Print With An Introduction By Elizabeth George, Herself A Crime Fiction Master Gaudy Night Takes Harriet And Her Paramour, Lord Peter, To Oxford University, Harriet S Alma Mater, For A Reunion, Only To Find Themselves The Targets Of A Nightmare Of Harassment And Mysterious, Murderous Threats. Oh, my GOD, Dorothy L Sayers is quite the snob 2011 has been Mystery Year, it being when I started officially working as an attorney and having to read just to be entertained and this piece of crap made me want to swear off British whodunits forever Luckily, Dame Agatha and Ngaio Marsh still deliver The truth is, I like my mysteries to be about murders and this fricking bore was a crappy who sent those gh A couple of years ago I thought as a gesture to God saying something like, Hey, we don t disagree about everything and anyway what do I know about life that I would start going to a certain church where the pastor was an ex football star When I say it now it doesn t sound like a very good idea, but I did a lot of things at that time that sound stupid now Sometimes it s better to go with what you know, even if it s very little I say all of this because the ultimate falling out I had with the pastor of that church reflects the central conflict of the great and wonderful mystery story, Gaudy Night, so I m going to use this review as a venue to air my grievances, which will hopefully be entertaining enough that you can bear with me In fact, this book brings up a couple of stories I have about churches, so I should probably say as a disclaimer that Gaudy Night is not religious at all in its topic, but deals mostly with the role of women in society That just happens to be something about which I tend to get pissed off at churches.Rather than preaching topically, this football pastor had decided that the entire church which may not be fully of mega church size, but is by no means small would r Book Review4 of 5 stars to Gaudy Night by Dorothy L Sayers, a strong and talented writer of detective mysteries in their Golden Age of publication This was truly an excellent book Upon finishing my third year at college, I d taken all the required courses and a variety of electives to complete my double majors My advisors and professors, knowing I had an affinity for reading and writing mystery stories, encouraged me to do an independent study on this era of literature but they also told me I wouldn t be allowed to select any of the books I had to read She would pick two per month for me to read and discuss And this was one of the very first ones she was a big Dorothy Sayers fan and thought this was the author s most popular book Despite it being in the middle of a series, which I severely dislike, I read it without enjoying the prior installments And it turned out OK.Though it s hailed as a Lord Peter Wimsey book, it s really about Harriet Vane young wife accused and jailed for murdering her husband but she s been released when Wimsey proves her innocence And they begin their own little flirtation and romance Harriet goes on to be a writer and plans to visit her alma mater, a women s college in the 1930s what an in Published in 1936, this 12th novel in the Lord Peter Wimsey Series is a big story Dorothy L Sayers created an entire women s college called Shrewsbury in the large complex known as Oxford University It is near an associate college called Queen s and also near Balliol College, which is where Lord Peter Wimsey attended his university years With Oxford University composed of 38 colleges and 6 Permanent Private Halls, it is not difficult to imagine Ms Sayers invention taking its place easily among the others.Harriet Vane is invited to her class reunion, known as a Gaudy She has not gone before but decides to do so this time in answer to pleas from some of her former classmates She surprises herself by enjoying the time away from home and renewing relations with various dons, Fellows, and classmates At the end of Gaudy night, she finds an offensive drawing on the grounds of the Quad She also finds an ominous note in the rolled up sleeve of her gown.When she returns home, she dives back in to writing her most recent novel, which has been giving her trouble Then, she receives a letter from the Dean of Shrewsbury, Miss Martin, who tells her about some ominous incidents that have been occurring since Gaudy Night Poison Pen notes, things set on fire, random vandalism, and

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