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Haywire From The Moment Of Its Publication In 1977, Haywire Was A National Sensation And A 1 Bestseller, A Celebrated Hollywood Memoir Of A Glittering Family And The Stunning Darkness That Lurked Just Beneath The Surface Brooke Hayward Was Born Into The Most Enviable Of Circumstances The Daughter Of A Famous Actress And A Successful Hollywood Agent, She Was Beautiful, Wealthy, And Living At The Very Center Of The Most Privileged Life America Had To Offer Yet At Twenty Three Her Family Was Ripped Apart Who Could Have Imagined That This Magical Life Could Shatter, So Conclusively, So Destructively Brooke Hayward Tells The Riveting Story Of How Her Family Went Haywire From The Trade Paperback Edition. I liked the quote at the end I wept for my family, all if us, my beautiful, idyllic, lost family I wept for our excesses, our delusions and inconsistencies that we had let such extraordinary care be subverted into extraordinary Brooke, in her 30s, was the most stunning looking woman I ever met Also, among the most boring She made terrible decisions GRs who get wet reading abt famous dysfunctional families best bring 3 changes of underwear Pls, stop saying what a good writer, yew dummies Now, go, changes your undies. read this when first came out and was completely drawn in Very good book This was just recently re released I read it when it first came out and I was a kid I now know I didn t understand half of it It is such a tragic story of a dream family Who wouldn t have wanted to grow up in the 1930 s and 40 s in Hollywood with your mother a famous movie star and your father one of the biggest power players Three out of the five

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