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Warbound (Grimnoir Chronicles, #3) New York Times And Wall Street Journal Best Selling Author S Gritty Urban Fantasy Set In An Alternate Noir 1930s A Tough P.I Battles An Interdimensional Monster That Wants To Suck Magic Power Out Of The World Sequel To Hard Magic And Spellbound Book Three In The Grimnoir Chronicles.Only A Handful Of People In The World Know That Mankind S Magic Comes From A Living Creature, And It Is A Refugee From Another Universe The Power Showed Up Here In The 1850s Because It Was Running From Something Now It Is 1933, And The Power S Hiding Place Has Been Discovered By A Killer.It Is A Predator That Eats Magic And Leaves Destroyed Worlds In Its Wake Earth Is Next.Former Private Eye, Jake Sullivan, Knows The Score The Problem Is Hardly Anyone Believes Him The World S Most Capable Active, Faye Vierra, Could Back Him Up, But She Is Hiding From The Forces That Think She Is Too Dangerous To Let Live So Jake Has Put Together A Ragtag Crew Of Airship Pirates And Grimnoir Knights, And Set Out On A Suicide Mission To Stop The Predator Before It Is Too Late.

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    Posted to The Literary Lawyer.ca A Great Finish to an Epic Trilogy 4 Stars Warbound puts the finishing touches on what has proved to be one of the most original series I have read It is well written, intelligent and fun in a sea of Dresden wannabes The first thing I did after finishing Warbound was to hop on Twitter and ask the author if we will seei

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    Warbound is not what anyone would mistake as quality, thought provoking literature however, it is loads and loads of fun The book oozes fun and entertainment It has giant zeppelins, space aliens, magic, giant robots, zombies, death rays, body snatchers, andIt has twists and turns It has the unexpected It also has it that indefinable thing that makes it v

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    Warbound is the third and final installment in Larry Correia s amazing Grimnoir Chronicals trilogy This series is one of my favorites and now that it s over it s going on the keeper shelf for all time Correia has promised somematerial in the world so I have that to look forward to, but I would definitely like to readabout these characters specifically I don

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    Rating of the whole series 15 15 When I started reading this series I was extremely excited As a non Murican, I always liked stories set in the 30 s US, as things were extremely different here back then It s just an era that is interesting to me and when I read this one has fantasy elements and even some minimal steampunk in that era I couldn t help myself It wa

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    This book is cheesy big guns blazing entertainment, and I loved it I am giving it five stars not because it is the best of the best, but because it was fun and action packed and it s an example of an author doing nothingand nothing less than entertaining his audience without pretense Warbound is the third book in the Grimnoir trilogy, so you want to read the first t

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    Not quite 4 starsbut close enough.Larry Correia.you clever man I liked the con It was a fitting way to win against all the odds and make it somewhat believable The final book in LC s trilogy at least the first story arc as I hope he revisits this world was pretty good We followed a few of our main charactersthough mostly Jake and Faye As it should be They have always be

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    4.5 stars.I was anxious to get to this book so I could close out one of the 93 series I ve started and because this is Mr Correia s first series finale Also, maybe this means he can finally get back to the Monster Hunter series.I enjoyed almost everything about the story, the pacing was great, the action plentiful and the ending satisfying.While listening to this book I ...

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    Whoo Hoo Let s hear it for ending strong This novel was great And it was a great conclusion to the Grim Noir Chronicles Jake, Faye and the gang are still trying to defeat the enemy without the benefit of help from the US Government or the Grimnoir I really don t want to say too much about this book, because you shouldn t be reading this if you haven t read Hard Magic and Spellb

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    A quick and short review Yes I feel the same way, Mr Burns This book had some impressive carnage Very impressive carnage indeed I don t know if I can say that this book lived up to my expectations, because well, I didn t rightly know WHAT to expect But what there was, I really enjoyed I still have the same nitpicks about the reading, but still, on the whole, it was well done, and I

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    WARBOUND is the third entry in New York Times Bestselling Author, Larry Correia s urban fantasy epic, Grimnoir Chronicles Though Larry has suggested the possibility of future books set in the Grimnoirverse, WARBOUND wraps up the particular story arc began with HARD MAGIC an all time favorite of mine This is the first time Larry has concluded a series, and so I greeted WARBOUND with muc

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Larry Correia is the New York Times bestselling author of the Monster Hunter International series, the Grimnoir Chronicles, and the thriller Dead Six.