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Assignment in Nowhere (Imperium, #3) Pretty disappointing, but it held my interest enough that I give it 3 stars The first book of this series Worlds of the Imperium was really fun and the second The Other Side of Time was acceptable Eric Flint says in the postscript to the epub omnibus of this series that Keith Laumer was never very concerned with continuity, and I agree That foible is to the detriment of this book, however the plot was very hard to follow and having knowledge of the previous works made the inconsistencie Pretty disappointing, but it held my interest enough that I give it 3 sta 1982 grade Baka Beyond The Imperium part of it at least my series book WI2 THE COMING OF THE BLIGHTIt Seemed As Though The World Was Eroding Right Under Everyone S Feet Stories Disappeared From Magazines The Baron S Silver Coat Of Arms, Polished In The Morning, Was Pitted With Corrosion By Afternoon Toadstools Were Springing Up From Every Corner And These Were But The First Signs Of The Coming Plague, A Cancerous Orgy Of Patternless Vitality Seeking To Engulf The WorldTO STEM THE TIDECarefree Johnny Curlon, Indelicately Plucked From His Fishing Boat One Evening, Is Bluntly Informed By High Powers That He Is A Man Destined For A Role In Great Affairs Only His Unique Powers Can Prevent The Coming Probability Crisis That Threatens To Turn The World Into Bubbling Chaos.

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