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The Dark Heart of Italy What s the problem with the Italian football Why decent and smart British authors like, say, Nick Hornby, Tim Parks and John Foot were are so fascinated by that unimportant part of our culture Where is the romanticism in contemporary Italian football, I wonder Where is the fair play, the chivalry, the grit For Tobias Jones has been deceived too.Let s put ourselves in his football shoes for a few lines.I am a British journalist.I moved to Italy, because my girlfriend is Italian.I live in Parma.I have Italian friends and a praiseworthy knowledge of the Italian language including its less common subtleties.I write about Italy as a freelance.I am published on The Guardian.My range of topics includes social issues, religion, culture, politics and, yes, football.I support Parma Fc.Well done Let s get out of Tobias shoes now.Let s talk to him.Ok, Tobias, you are maybe the only English speaking author I read so far and writing about Italy who didn t make a single grammar or spelling mistake while using Italian terms You have to be praised for this I have to reckon it.But listen, you are a journalist Y Chapters on sports, religion, politics, politics again and a half chapter on funeral customs dig beneath Italy s engaging culture While the book shows the Italy the tourist doesn t see, the title does not fully represent the book Tobias Jones also shows how much he loves and appreciates the beautiful country and the Italian people.The first chapter sets the mood Through Italian etymology Jones, demonstrates the mood and values of the country Throughout the book, Jones uses and translates colorful Italian idioms He ties it up in the end describing some words for which there is no English equivalent.The dark heart of Italy is its governance Jones shows the frustration of the ordinary citizen in dealing with a deeply rooted bureaucracy One of many examples is the author s own job search which was fruitless until a friend made a call and his pay which had many deductions and took 13 months to receive This compares to those with connections who can blithely use or ignore the system There are examples of complex financial crimes and abusivisma illegal construction The privileged can make appeals that can extend to a statute of limitations, a seek a legislative or bureaucratic legal decriminalization or just get their crimes ignored There is a colorful chapter showing how corruption extends to sports through policies If you want to understand modern Italy, in all her shame and glory, this is as good as any place to start At first, while I enjoyed this book, I found it rather annoying Yes Italy and Italians are differentfrom Anglo SaxonsPop someone from one culture into another and of course, they will they think it is weird It is when Tobias Jones tries to get to the nitty gritty of why, for instance, Italian politics spawned Berlusconi, terrorism and has infamously fractious but has ultimately stultifying politics, that I become interested His main thesis is that Italy has an unfinished civil war that started in 1943 with the arrest of Mussolini Now that is an idea that you can run with Italy is different because of its history It is the sum of its past It is not just weird.In Jones favour, he does love various aspects of Italian culture He loves the food, craftsmanship, and communal solidarity And football Yes, the Italians play the beautiful game beautifully but cynically I would suggest reading the third or later editions because of the postscripts that are really realisations of further complexity He realises that the nepotism and corruption that infects Italian society is also a form of solidarity Most Italians went to the same school, in the same neighbourhood or village I Being one of the first generation Italian or precisely, Sicilian Australians, Italy has always intrigued me as the place of origin of both my parents who came over between the wars I grew up with a Sicilian bias, but soon discovered that Italy with its stunningly beautiful landscapes, its language, cuisine, culture, art, architecture and music have a formidable reputation is the culture of the West There is much to be proud about.But for the modern Italian, there is also the often murky understanding of what the country is politically, and the often confounding and perplexing nature of living life within this scenario.As a nation, Italy has a comparatively young identity stemming from its unification in the 19th century, but that unification is perhaps illusory there remains the divide between North and South, and since the two world wars, a further divide between Fascists and Communists In the meantime there is the prevailing presence of of the ages old Roman Catholic Church and the peculiarly ritualistic and sometimes superstitious versions of Christianity that is Italian to the core, regardless of any other influence plus the pervasive presence of the various Mafia organisations In Italy, and perhaps in Italy alone, all these forces have somehow coalesced into a kind of quagmire of competing and conflicting demands, aided and abetted by an astonishingly complex and stifling bureaucracy All of these forces have tent Stendhal wrote that the feeling one gets from living in Italy is akin to that of being in love I know what he means, and so does Tobias Jones no relation I read this book to try to understand otherwise incomprehensible Italian politics the Berlusconi phenomenon in particular and I wasn t disappointed After a couple of weeks of reading and re reading, I can t get my hair to lie down The book didn t tell me anything I didn t suspect after 12 years of coming and going but it still shocked me by the extent of the revelations Tobias moved to Italy because he had an Italian girlfriend, fell in love with the place and didn t want to leave His work as a journalist, exposing the dark side of Italian political affairs, took him into areas of Italian life few dare to venture He researched the terrorist attacks of the Anni di Piombi the years of lead, 1970s and 80s bombs, shootings, mass terror, the deaths of magistrates, judges and politicians, the suicides of suspects and even the abduction and assassination of an Italian prime minister Aldo Moro in 1978 The repercussions of these events and the failure of the Italian systems of politics and justice to dea Easy reading overview of contemporary Italian politics with a bit of culture thrown in It s journalistic than literary, and parses politics than a casual reader might hope for, but Jones leaves some wonderful passages Amazing EPub, The Dark Heart Of Italy By Tobias Jones This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book The Dark Heart Of Italy, Essay By Tobias Jones Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You In a readable style, Jones discusses Italy and Italians He even manages to make the political situation clearer Anyone would enjoy this book who is the least bit interested in Italy. I had been wanting to read this since arriving in Italy and one year later I finally got around to it Tobias Jones provides a fascinating account of life in il Bel Pease without bothering to conceal the nastier bits rather, he focuses on them The good Certain things I knew but wasn t sure why i.e Berlusconi bad and this book provided me with the why Jones also writes in a very readable style and on several topics football, politics, television so that the subject matter covers a wide scope of things The bad having lived here for a year, the majority of what Jones writes about are things I d or less already realized myself case in point Italian television sucks Having said that, this is still a good overview of Italy and why all th Really enjoyed this book I m a tad obsessed with all things relating to Italy and so this was really the book for me I liked it because it gave a different perspective on Italy one that you don t normally read about of a glimpse into the truth of Italy However, it loses a star because while reading it I couldn t help but think it was a tad outdated I kept thinking what impact

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Tobias Jones was on the staff of the London Review of Books and the Independent on Sunday before moving to Parma in 1999 He is a regular contributor for the British and Italian press.