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Operation Desolation: The Case of the Anonymous Bank Defacement A Thought Provoking New Story From The Acclaimed Author Of Zero Day Challenging Anonymous Is Like Waving A Red Flag In Front Of A Bull But The CEO Of A Major Investment Firm Has Done Just That, And Now Cyber Security Expert Jeff Aiken Has To Try To Protect The Company From Its Leader S Mistakes The Timing Couldn T Be Worse, As Jeff Is Scheduled To Appear At A Conference That Has Invited An Anonymous Representative As Well And Jeff S About To Discover That The Hacker Outfit Plans To Bring Their Fight Offline And Into The Real World

About the Author: Mark Russinovich

Mark Russinovich is a Technical Fellow in Windows Azure, Microsoft s cloud operating system group Russinovich is a widely recognized expert in Windows operating system internals as well as operating system architecture and design Russinovich joined Microsoft when Microsoft acquired Winternals software, the company he cofounded in 1996 and where he worked as Chief Software Architect He is also cofounder of Sysinternals.com, where he wrote and published dozens of popular Windows administration and diagnostic utilities including Autoruns, Process Explorer and Tcpview Russinovich coauthored Windows Internals and The Sysinternals Administrator s Reference, both from Microsoft Press, authored the cyberthriller Zero Day, is a Contributing Editor for TechNet Magazine and Senior Contributing Editor for Windows IT Pro Magazine, and has written many articles on Windows internals He has been a featured speaker at major industry conferences around the world, including Microsoft s TechEd, IT Forum, and Professional Developer s Conference, as well as Windows Connections, Windev, and TechMentor, and has taught Windows internals, troubleshooting and file system and device driver development to companies worldwide, including Microsoft, the CIA and the FBI Russinovich earned his Ph.D in computer engineering from Carnegie Mellon University.

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    A thought provoking new short story from the acclaimed author of Zero Day and Trojan Horse Challenging Anonymous is like waving a red flag in front of a bull But the CEO of a major investment firm has done just that,

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here I didn t particularly like this book which is a shame because I enjoyed Zero Day I read these technothriller kind of books specifically for stori

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    Started January 25th, 2014.This is a shorty Novella, so expect to finish it soon.Very good, highly recommended Even in this short tale, believable persons, settings a conference on cyber security and implications very real.Also, with

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    Not a bad little read I kind of like seeing little novellas like this, where it s part of an ongoing series, but it s a smaller case or adventure or whatever the situation entails It seems to me to add to the overall realism of the world The n

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    Half the book is the first chapter of Mark s Trojan Horse, the second book of Zero Day, which leaves this book is way too short to enjoy.The other half of the book is about how Jeff nailed down a hacker using a trick of a smart use of DHCP Againit s a

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    After having read his two novels Zero Day and Trojan Horse I finally came around to also read his short story, which kind of lies in between As already said its quite short just the first half of the book is actually the story itself , but nevertheless its clea

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    Mark RussinovichEnjoyable short story. should be read after reading his first novel Zero Day A Novel since this takes places one year after it Mark RussinovichEnjoyable short story. should be read after reading his first novel Zero Day A Novel since this takes places on

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    A short story on a cyber incident While reading this story, I thought of it as a case study in how to handle an event The story was not that deep, but it was a good idea It got me thinking about writing similar short stories for training about cyber security and warfare.

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    Entertaining read but a pretty significant technical error hotels typically use DHCP that uses NAT, and issues private IP addresses the outside web server would have logged the public IP address one that everyone at the hotel shared

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    A little too predictable and nothing reallythan an advertisement for his new book Trojan Horse.

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