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Evelyn Vine Be Mine Stone.No, He S Not My Boyfriend, Or Even Just A Friend.In Fact, We Ve Never Spoken A Word To One Another.Stone And His Band Mates Rule The Alice Gardens House And Dominate Most Of The Other University Students As Well People Respect Them, Fear Them, Adore Them.And Stone Is Their King.Their Huge, Silent, Intimidating King He Frightens Me.Whenever I M Near Him, My Entire Body Trembles And All Of My Senses Stand Alert

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    So say you want me , say you need me Mouths unstuck , hearts open wide Nothing to hide , lips that confide Evelyn Vine Please say you ll be MineIf a guy wrote that sort of a song for me and sung it in front of a hundred people , I d handcuff him to me FOREVER Yup , you aren t going anywhere my honeybuns Oh lord almighty , this book is HAWT Evelyn Vin

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    What to do What to do How to rate This book is killing me smashing my head with my reader, crying silently in pain I was constantly torn between two and five stars so my brain literally hurts right now.There was soooo good parts but then there was that annoying littleLets start from the beginning, shall we This his book made me want to slap both chara

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    Definitivamente no pude con esto Stone casi no habla, en un principio cre que era sordo mudo Evie se supone que es inocente y t mida, pero hay una delgada l nea entre esas caracter sticas y dejar a una mujer como est pida Entre un sin fin de miradas entre estos dos personajes, pasas m s de 100 p ginas y no hay ni un acontecimiento importante, solo fies

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    No es tan malo pero es muy largo.Al principio me aburri mucho porque no pasaba nada y Stone no hablaba igual no habl mucho durante todo el libro pero meh.Eso si, me molest que todo el mundo controlara a Evelyn y ella se dejara, aunque dec a que lo odiaba y eso osh Pero bueno, fue en...

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    I m actually very fascinated with CM style of writing in where she brings about this mystique of having to narrateactions than words which she succeeds to build this tangible tension that leaves wantingHer technique propels Stone s character to have this very distinct air of my...

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    Well this was an interesting read It s about teenagers at college But it is an adult read IMO, as there are explicit sex scenes Even some mild BDSM Evie arrives for her first day at college, with no one to help her with her luggage As none of her multitude of brothers and sisters had offered to go with her either as help, or moral support So Evie is strug

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    Oh wow This book was almost really good When I first started reading it I was expecting a cross between Thoughtless and Beautiful Disaster and it kind of was like that just nowhere near as good as those two I enjoyed the connection between Stone and Evie but the book moved kind of slowly for me and the author waaaaay overdid the strong, silent type thing w

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    This book is horrible Stone is quite possibly my least favorite character after Evelyn He s supposed to come off as silent, brooding, and powerful but instead he just comes off as a mute It s unrealistic You can t properly build a relationship when you don t communicate with each other and the whole conversations with their eyes thing was complete bullshit

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    Aunque me gusto al principio, la historia tiene cosas muy absurdas y locas.

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    Update I finished it and really ended up enjoying it Ok so I m like at the half way mark and the hero has said like 4 words It s a little unbelievable they can have a relationship of any kind without talking Don t even get me started on how she can interpret what he wants by looking in his eyes I really would like to know what happens but it took forever to g

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