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Peron: A Biography Latin America Has Produced No Remarkable Or Enduring Political Figure Than Juan Peron Born To Modest Circumstances In 1895 And Trained In The Military, He Rose To Power During A Period Of Political Uncertainty In Argentina A Shrewd Opportunist Who Understood The Needs And Aspirations Of The Country S Workers, Peron Rode Their Votes To The Presidency And Then Increased Their Share Of The Nation S Wealth But He Also Destroyed The Independence Of Their Unions And Suppressed Dissent Ousted In A Coup In 1955, He Wandered About Latin America And Finally Settled In Spain, Where He Masterminded An Astonishing Political Comeback That Climaxed In His Reelection As President In 1973 Joseph Page S Engrossing Biography Is Based Upon Interviews On 3 Continents, Never Before Inspected Argentine And U.S Government Documents And Exhaustive Research, Page S Book Spans Peron S Formative Years His Arrest And Dramatic Rescue By The Descamisados Workers In 1945 His Relationship With The Now Mythic Evita The Violence And Mysterious Murders That Punctuated His Career His Tragic Legacy, Personified By His Third Wife, Isabel, Who Assumed The Presidency After His Death Under The Influence Of A Rasputin Like Astrologer And The Continuing Appeal Of Peronism In Argentina Page S Study Of Argentine American Relations Is Particularly Penetrating, Esp In Its Description Of The Struggle Between Peron And U.S Ambassador Spruille Braden.

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    This is a very well written biography about an extremely controversial and complex dictator I had forgotten how the story of Evita was entwined with Per n s story Peron was a special kind of dictator similar to Franco in some ways previous military background, balancing opposing forces in a divide and conquer manner to hang on to power , but different in other ways I guess one of the most surprising and complex difference

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    This is an excellent book that covers the life and governments of Juan Peron While at times harshly critical of its subject, it is an excellent antidote to the various myths circulating about this talented man.The author acknowledges that Peron had strong sympathies for Mussolini and participated in the 1943 coup d tat against Ramon Castillo However Page demonstrates that Peron fundamentally believed in democracy When Peron as

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    A good biography of Juan Per n, onetime President of Argentina.Per n was a man s man an athletic ski instructor and boxer, an expert political tactician, and one of the world s most charming people Tens of thousands adored him, and tens of thousands loathed him Apparently he was a political mirror everyone who talked with him thought that Per n agreed with them, even if they held views that were 180 degrees apart.Per n supported th

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    Joseph Page s biography of Juan Peron is masterful in the breadth and scope that it covers It not only does an excellent job of describing Peron s life and his impact on Argentina but you can also get a sense of the surrounding times and the development of the country He spends quite a bit of time developing the backdrop for Peron s rise and his influence on the country Due and fair consideration is given to the role of Eva Peron and fo

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    Excelente libro, muy completo y muy interesante Generalmente se suele despreciar a autores que no son argentinos cuando se habla sobre estos temas, pero, justamente, para m muchas veces aportan visiones que nosotros desde ac damos por sentado, y no son cosas que tengamos que dar por sentado, no son cuestiones de la naturaleza Ciertamente no me volv peronista, hasta que casi por el contrario No dej que el estudio biogr fico me envolviese, y s

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    Excelente biograf a de Juan Domingo Per n, un personaje interesant simo y con una historia muy dram tica La influencia de Per n en Argentina ha sido enorme y por ende este libro ayuda a comprender la cultura, la pol tica y la forma de pensar de los argentinos Tambi n son incre bles los paralelos de Per n con Ch vez en Venezuela El autor es muy balanceado y tal como me lo se alara Daniel Barraco, una biograf a de Per n tiene que ser escrita por un

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    This excellent book is apparently a biography, but in actual reality a tragedy Its main character is not Per n, but the Argentine people.

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