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It Worked for Me It Worked For Me Pdf Author Colin Powell Brazilianportuguesetranslator.us It Worked For Me Is Filled With Vivid Experiences And Lessons Learned That Have Shaped The Legendary Public Service Career Of The Four Star General And Former Secretary Of State Colin Powell At Its Heart Are Powell S Thirteen Rules Notes He Gathered Over The Years And That Now Form The Basis Of His Leadership Presentations Given Throughout The World Powell S Short But Sweet Rules Among Them, Get Mad, Then Get Over It And Share Credit Are Illustrated By Revealing Personal Stories That Introduce And Expand Upon His Principles For Effective Leadership Conviction, Hard Work, And, Above All, Respect For Others In Work And In Life, Powell Writes, It S About How We Touch And Are Touched By The People We Meet It S All About The People A Natural Storyteller, Powell Offers Warm And Engaging Parables With Wise Advice On Succeeding In The Workplace And Beyond Trust Your People, He Counsels As He Delegates Presidential Briefing Responsibilities To Two Junior State Department Desk Officers Do Your Best Someone Is Watching, He Advises Those Just Starting Out, Recalling His Own Teenage Summer Job Mopping Floors In A Soda Bottling Factory.Powell Combines The Insights He Has Gained Serving In The Top Ranks Of The Military And In Four Presidential Administrations With The Lessons He S Learned From His Immigrant Family Upbringing In The Bronx, His Training In The ROTC, And His Growth As An Army Officer The Result Is A Powerful Portrait Of A Leader Who Is Reflective, Self Effacing, And Grateful For The Contributions Of Everyone He Works With.Colin Powell S It Worked For Me Is Bound To Inspire, Move, And Surprise Readers Thoughtful And Revealing, It Is A Brilliant And Original Blueprint For Leadership.

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    Colin Powell is one of those people that I once admired and currently want to admire He went into the army, rose up the ranks to become a four star general, and served as Secretary of State He s an icon A moderate Republican Then the Bush administration happened and Powell was given an im

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    This is an amazing book It tells the stories of GEN Powell from his youth to his stint as Secretary of State Many of these stories place him in a light that makes himdown to earth He shared his wisdom from both a military and life experience lens.Many people on Goodreads expected an expos of the na

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    Chapter 35 February 5, 2003This is the chapter wherein Colin Powell recaptures my respect.The date February 5, 2003 which for Powell is so seared into his consciousness that it is the equivalent of other folks memories of the day Kennedy was shot or when they first heard of the planes flying into the Trade C

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    This memoir is a peek into the fascinating world of General Powell I listen to the audiobook read by the general himself, and it is a very satisfying listen Christina Vortiafrom The Best Books We Read In December 2016

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    What can you say about a book with a title like this It Worked for Me That the writer is a self aggrandizing braggart which is what was running through my head However, to my surprise Powell comes across as a fairly humane guy albeit with a military stiff presence that somehow has retained a deep humanity that bespeaks his upbr

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    I love Colin Powell, I think he is such an excellent example of what America should be I have been wanting to read this book for awhile and downloaded it to listen to on my commute First, it was read by Colin Powell himself, which I appriciated Second, I really enjoyed his approach to leadership through an army perspective One of the thi

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    July 18 July20, 2015Yep another reread I finally bought my own audio copy of the book I figure once I ve read a bookthan three times, I need to own it Colin grounds me His 13 rules helps me get through the days One of the best management books I ve read, and I ve read a lot Sept 17 Sep19, 2014Two years after I listened to it the first time and it

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    I listened to the Audible.com verison of this book, read by General Powell.First, General Powell writes in a very straight forward, simplistic, way You can tell he isn t a trained writer Nor is he a brilliant performer reading it You can frequently hear edit breaks, and voice tone changes Honestly, none of this bothered me There were a number of things in t

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    Colin Powell is 1 of the few Republicans whom I respect This book of stories about his life and people in his life illustrate the principles he lived by including his regret at being misled over the WMD intelligence before his UN speech Organizations don t get things done Programs...

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    I loved it Clear Concise Plenty of humility A lifetime of lessons and principles, all placed in a easily understood, frequently humorous and revealing read that I wish I had 30 years ago Highly recommend it for anyone, not just those in the military.

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