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Let Sleeping Wolves Lie When Something Tall, Dark And Yummy Crosses Dex S Threshold, His Inner Omega Wolf Goes On Full Alert Instinct Tells Dex He S Met His Mate But The Man Seems Less Than Thrilled At The Prospect And Has Totally Suppressed His Inner WolfMaddock Has No Intention Of Getting Involved With Any Man, Especially A Little Hottie Who S A Little Nuts The Guy Actually Thinks He S A Werewolf And That Maddock Is One As WellBut Resisting Temptation Is Harder Than He Imagined The Full Moon Is On The Rise And Instinct Can T Be Denied Forever

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    Lots of setup that didn t deliver Why bother telling us Dex is a true omega wolf with the ability to project sex vibes As an excuse to describe Micah s erection As a setup for the next book This is supposed to convince me to read the sequel someone s superability to arouse bystanders Okay, I ll admit I ll buy such a book for the lulz.Writing in this one was functional but mediocre nothing special here, not

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    I was looking forward to read this story, only to have a huge disappointment Maddock was in a relationship with a female and even according to him one day they were going to be married Although, he was having sex with Dex his mate werewolf.Never mind that the sex scenes were hot, never mind he didn t know he was a Shape shifter, for me that was so appalling.I didn t finish the story The only character that I lik

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    3.5 starsSaw this story on my friend, Mandy s update and couldn t help it I m in the mood for dominant Alpha.What makes this story charming is the fact that Maddock doesn t know that he s wolf So he s confused with his lust over Dex, the sexy waiter he meets at this bar called Red Dragon It results on some HOT scenes p It s so amusing because apparently, since Dex is an Omega wolf, he can channels his feeling so belie

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    I REALLY enjoyed this I thought the werewolves were great, I loved their little pack and Micah refusing to call it that, I thought that the other characters were all interesting, and I am definitely interested in learningabout everyone else too Dex and Maddok together were just SMOKIN hot, they just had great chemistry together, and I really enjoyed them I am definitely looking forward toin this series, especially getting a

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    4 stars Just reread this and enjoyed it eventhe second time Hoping Reese and Micah get their own book too.

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    Let Sleeping Wolves Lie by Tielle St ClareWhat a good beginning to a new series that I m so going to enjoy reading This was a nice short story It only had 9 chapters but it didn t leave me feeling overwhelmed with the introduction of this new cast of characters The story also felt complete Sure I wanted to readbut there were no big gapping holes like some short stories produce in order to fit a beginning, middle and end in 100 pages or

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    2.5Personally, I thought Maddock was a dick While I was reading the prologue I thought OoooDex and Micah Yeah, that wasn t it at all All of a sudden this slick businessman comes into The Red Dragon which isn t explained at all and is an instant dick I wished that Micah would have crushed Maddock with his fists Oops, did I really say that Anyway, Reese a blind wolf , is basically the genius of their history and whatnot, but he figures out all

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    Re read This happens to be one of the older books on my TBR list and I am not sure why It was a really good read I love all the supporting characters and can not wait to read their stories as well I love a little angst in my reads You really weren t sure what Maddock was going to do until the author was ready It was well written, I could feel Maddock s inner wolf all antsy and ready to run Great read Loved the Maddock and Dex and can t wait for .

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    2.5 stars This was an ok read for me It started off interestingly enough but then everything felt so rushed rushed rushed, even for a novella Still, I am boldly moving on to the next shifter story Mary Calmes, oh mighty queen of fluff, here I come.

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    Based on the prologue and since I wasn t paying attention to the blurb , I initially thought Dex was going to end up with Micah It s kind of a shame it didn t work out that way because I liked Micah a whole lot better than Maddock

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