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Tangled Autumn Sappha Devenish Jumped At The Chance Of A Job In Scotland When Her Romance With Andrew Went Wrong.The Change In Scenery Not To Mention The Presence Of An Attractive Dutch Doctor Did Take Her Mind Off Her Heartbreak.But Then Andrew Came Back And Sappha Was Entangled In The Past Once

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    Considering I started reading her when I was 19 years old, I thought I had read and re read the entire Betty Neels library by now Alas, I have never read Tangled Autumn until today It s startling to me that 21 years and most of her library later, her writing still has the power to move me.I even found myself laughing out loud and sighing wistfully and re reading my favorite parts as soon as I

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    I enjoyed this particular Betty Neels, partly because it doesn t feature a desperately destitute mousy heroine Instead, the heroine is rather glamourous, and at the beginning is recovering from being cheated on by her fiance The hero is a little angstier than the usual omniscient and placid Neels hero he actually has a bit of a ...

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    I always borrow Betty Neels books from my mother when she is done with them Betty is her favourite author The stories are typically the same Dutch doctor meets English nurse and the two fall in love and live ...

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    Sappha has taken a nursing job in the Scottish Highlands primarily to get away from a broken relationship The ex boyfriend is Andrew Glover, a real jerk Sappha is a beautiful girl and I don t understand why she fell for him in the first place In Scotland, she meets a big, rough looking man on the road when she runs out of petrol He turns out to be the son of her patient He is a Dutch Baron and a

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    4 Stars On her uncle s recommendation, Sappha travels to Scotland to take on a temporary private nursing position to an elderly woman The Baroness had surgery and shortly into her recovery had taken a nasty fall fracturing her left arm and leg The job is a godsend to Sappha who is anxious to leave London very far behind, and her cheating ex fiance She decides to drive herself and the takes extra

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    On the scale of why I give a book five stars this warrants them because it made me all misty and I don t really know why It is a fairly typical story with the rich Dutch Doctor Rolf van Duyren who also happens to be a Baron.He s not a standard hero having aobvious temper and looking like a Demon King with his slanty eye brows Sappha is recovering from a cheating fiance so she s probably not in a g

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    All I can say is these two really knew how to push each other s buttons They went back and forth so much, I felt like I was at a tennis match Yet, in spite of all the miscommunications, arguing and silliness, I actually enjoyed the chemistry between these two My only regret was the ending In typical Betty Neel s...

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    My all time favorite Betty Neels.

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    3.75 Sappha and Rolf bickered on for way too long But I can definitely understand how she could not suddenly do a 180deg change from foe to lovereven though her dawning realisation came on so suddenly Rolf the Demon King haha It s right up there with Haughty Harry and Ogre s Relish, my favourite nick names in the Betty Neels Canon It was quite clear Rolf liked Sappha after their bad meet cute but he

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    Meh I really disliked the plot device that fueled the conflict in this one If only Sappha what sort of heroine name is that had told the Bold Baron Rolf at the get go that she was through with Andrew the Rotter But she didn t, because she was in a snit She seemed to spend a good deal of the book in a snit, tiresome girl.Rich Dutch Doctor Baron Rolf wasn t a whole lot better Betty has done much better

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