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Diary of a Lottery Winner's Daughter You Ve Changed, Charlotte Johnson, And If That S What Having Money Does To People, Then I M Glad We Haven T Got Any I Can T Believe My Best Friend Just Said That It S So Unfair She Thinks I Ve Changed Because Of The Money, But I Know I Haven T She S Changed Towards Me Charlotte Hopes All Her Dreams Can Come True When Her Mum Wins Million On The Lottery But Being Super Rich Turns Out To Be A Lot Complicated That She D Expected

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    Started reading this book ages ago and I have enjoyed it, so I don t really know what made me loose interest in reading it half way through I like Penelope Bush s works, although I prefer Alice in Time to Diary of a Lottery Winners Daughter

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    Nothing was very deep but simple true.Everyone hates their daily routine and tries to change their lives, few can do it on their own but what if the Sisters of fortune do this The happy surprise can give you many aftershocks.Charlotte gets a totally new life without ta

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    Nice light read for teenagers

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    This book is totally fabulous it is full of surprises Charlotte one of the main characters and her mum wins the lottery and they become millionaire s but is it a really good thing to be rich well this book tells you how your life changes when you come rich Charlotte lived in a normal life

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    I brought my book Diary of a lottery winners daughter when I was in year 5 and by now I have a least read it about 6 time it is a really entertaining book from winner Auther this book is a bot a girl who has a poor family at first, the while they are in holiday there Mom forgot to check her number

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    Always loved this book, and whenever I read it, it feels nice and at home I love the moral to this story, that s also filled with cool little quips and quirks One of my long time faves.

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    This is a great book and kind of realistic The characters are relatable and it shows money doesn t solve all your problems or buy happiness

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    Link to the review Link to the review

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