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The Singing Detective This Is The Unabridged Original Text Of Dennis Potter S Acclaimed Six Part Television Serial The Narrative Counterpoints Life In A Hospital Ward Of A Writer Crippled By A Horrific Skin Disease With The Plot Of His Atmospheric Thriller To The Point Where Fantasy And Reality Seem To Exchange Places The Result Is The Most Painful And Disturbing Screen Drama Of The S

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    I remember when this was first shown on television I remember the effect it had on me That television could be like that Here was something that proved television could be somethingthan mindless drivel Of course, I was wrong and The Singing Detective was just the exception that proves the rule This is a detective story with lots of clues a

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    Didn t have psoriasis but had eczema from head to toe throughout my childhood ahhh sob sob , I did sob, so this was on my page and my sympathy was heartfelt I also share a love of Raymond Chandler and this brought together physical memories and a love for mystery I also did a degree in podiatry and know something about the meds for psoriasis that ca

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    I made my discovery of Dennis Potter by accident when thirteen the cusp of fourteen Now I m all vaginal coming of age story Thirteen was my weird age of Sweet Valley Twins not even the mature high school version , gorging on the classics, and obsession with Homicide Life on the Street when googling myself I ll still find my old teen hyper excited posts about

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    This is a beautiful book in its own right Most screenplays are blueprints for movies The Singing Detective is the exception The printed version of the script is a work of art Reading the script is a different experience from the viewing the film and just as compelling.

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    Possibly the best play ever done for television Not an easy journey, as with Hide And Seek, and not for the faint of heart and mind, but a difficult life laid bare More a psychology text written by an English major.

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    The best Tele play ever Notwithstanding the late Mr Potter s usual stock socialist characters, it all comes together here His finest work, and his epitaph.When first shown on BBC, it drew letters to the Times about shocking language, until a CofE Rev rebuked the lot, pointing out that this was among the most moving redemption stories he d ever seen Count me with the right Rev The Potter a

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    Sain t m n lainaksi yst v lt junamatkaa varten tyylill s saattaisit tyk t t st Pidinkin Nerokkaasti rakennettu monitasoinen kertomus.

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    Watched the TV series as part of a university module and rewatched it quite recently Some of it is quite hard to follow but a true, slightly bizarre piece of reading material.

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    The British TV series changed forever what I thought was possible for TV And it also taught me to be open to the possibility that books need not be, by default, better than their broadcast revisions The book worked equally well as the show, but for different reasons The psychological mystery and tension in TSD was for me when I read it amazing And it worked differently in the thinking an imagination than it did when w

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    Masterpiece of one man s ravings while in painchildhood trauma, flights of fancy and imagination,a writer s book, for anyone with a passion for how the surrealcan save us from horrible painful experiences.Watch the film My Mom I both laughed cathartically.

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